Malpertuis cover image, Malpertuis. Jean Ray. Atlas Anti-Classics 5. Translated and Introduced by Iain White. ISBN 0 98 8 pp 19 x 17cm, out of print. Jean Ray’s novel Malpertuis is a strange little book indeed. It’s not immediately obvious wherein lies the strangeness, but don’t despair. Malpertuis by Jean Ray – book cover, description, publication history.

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Gothic prose, macabre similes, a creepy atmo I didn’t have any idea what to expect before reading this but did so solely on the basis of a recommendation from someone whose judgement I trusted and I knew nothing about it or the author. Tanto affascinante quanto evocativo, si gioca tanto bene sulle impressioni di mistero suscitate nel lettore, quanto negli orrori descritti vivamente e chiaramente.

Men are not born of the jeqn or will of the gods. The novel Malpertuis is written in a highly readable style and at time wild and funny.

It was quite a complex narrative structure, with four embedded narratives within the main one, and a big cast of characters that took time for me to get my head around but once I had settled in, this book was a pleasure to read. The upper part of the stairwell was already inky black.

Vintage Pop Fictions: Malpertuis by Jean Ray

Ray is not quite as terrifying as Lovecraft though fairly gruesome in placesand he is certainly not as cheerful as Stephens, but he does add a certain level of surrealist incomprehensibility to the mix that is appropriate for a rzy older contemporary of Magritte, who like Magritte stayed in Belgium and wrote this book during the German occupation. Jan 23, Jeff rated it it was amazing.

Then things really get bizarre. Add to Your books. Saturday, November 20, Malpertuis by Jean Ray. Has this guy been taking crazy pills? Jean Ray was a prolific author who moved easily between the worlds of pulp fiction and more serious literature. Drawn back to the doomed house. Though I’m more of a sf reader than a lover of fantasy, I maleprtuis well-written fantastic fiction, and this novel by Belgian novelist Jean Ray is a real masterpiece of the genre.


I starting reading this with few expectations and was very impressed. However, by the end of the book the events and their delirious quality started to make sense. He’s thrown into the drama to fulfill his newly created destiny.

Malpertuis (Jean Ray) (French Edition) eBook: Jean Ray: : Kindle-Shop

Haven’t read it, but I was quite taken with the early ’70s film adaptation, starring an ailing Orson Welles. Apparently the lead narrator there are a few different narrators Jean-Jacques is a Hercules-like character, half mortal and half god. It’s quite unique, in some ways I can’t say I’ve read anything quite like it.

About half way through the book I was thinking, “What the fuck? Malpertuis certainly has elements of the gothic, of the surreal, of the decadent, and of what Americans were starting to call weird fiction.

That’s all I can say without spoiling it. It will, at first, unfold as a strange, dark, gothic story with hints of the supernatural.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I wasn’t sure that the same level of greatness could be achieved in novel form, but this is as good as his best short fiction.

He also has a number of somewhat mediocre but better than average horror stories.

View all 4 comments. Here’s a few brief samples: I’m only making a comment. Lovecraft, when transplanted into the suffocating Catholic context of a Belgium scarred by the inquisition, produce in Jean Ray’s masterpiece a story of monumental intensity from which events of startling ferocity break the surface – without ever lessening the suspense of the tale’s approaching apocalyptic denouement.

Dem Autor folgen

Malpertuis is a crumbling, ancient monastery where a dying warlock has trapped the aging gods of Olympus inside the skins of ordinary citizens. I saw the film about a year ago, and it left its mark on my soul, but I still was not prepared for the greatness that was this book, which was quite different from the film, from what I recall.

I was totally satisfied. Newer Post Older Post Home. Non incide troppo negativamente sul piacere della lettura, anche in questi momenti riesce a regalare immagini di indubbia forza, ma sa un po’ troppo di soluzione facilotta.


No current Talk conversations about this book. I can’t wait to read this book. The prologue involves a sea voyage, but what is it that these mariners ate seeking? Project Gutenberg 0 editions. Return to Book Page. And I am certainly inclined to read some more of his work if I can find it.

The works of the Belgian-born Ray are generally regarded as belonging to what Europeans call the literature of the fantastique. Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Mentions 6 70, 4 I was leaning toward a 3 star rating at this point. The main character JJ was so bland it was hard to care or, more importantly, buy that he motivated the events that moved around him.

On the contrary, gods owe their existence to the belief of men. Refresh and try again. As aforementioned, most of the book I was really confused until I found out the underlying cause of the strange events.

This odd book, first published in French in and written by a Flemish writer who styled himself “Jean Ray”, is hailed as a masterwork of Francophone speculative fiction. In the first 40 some pages of the book, it seemed that one plot would start, but then in the next chapter, another plot would start.

White compares Ray to H. I wasn’t sure that the same level of greatness could be ac I malpertjis reading this with few expectations and was very impressed. Status Jean Ray — primary author all editions calculated White, Iain Translator secondary author all editions confirmed White, Iain Introduction secondary author all editions confirmed Lampo, Hubert Translator secondary author some editions confirmed.

Which it is, sort of, but the nature of the haunting is unexpected and highly original, though it may not satisfy all readers.