: Seed Needs, Luffa Gourd (Luffa aegyptiaca) 2 Packages of 45 Seeds Non-GMO: Garden & Outdoor. Seed Needs, Luffa Gourd (Luffa aegyptiaca) 2 Packages of 45 Seeds Non-. +. Gourd Luffa Seeds, Luffa Gourd Sponge seeds, 25 seeds, Organic, NON GMO. The Sponge Gourd or Loofah (Luffa aegyptiaca) is widely valued for its interior fibers. Dried, these gourds are used for scrubbing and cleaning (among other.

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Fibre also possesses sound- and shock-absorbing properties and is therefore used in sandals, insoles, gloves and helmets. Chemical composition and nutritive significance of Luffa aegyptica and Castenea sp. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Vegetables in the tropics. Processes such as soaking, heat, or moist heat combined with fermentation alleviate toxicity in cucurbit seeds and meals and enhance their nutritive value Thacker et al.

For chemical control, triclopyr and glyphosate can be used. If you would like to support this site, please consider Donating. The dry, mature fruit is composed of an outer hard shell and an inner dense network of cellulose fibre sponge containing hundreds of flat, smooth, black seeds Shah et al.

However, luffa seeds and oil meal contain bitter substances that may be toxic to livestock.

In the European botanical literature, the plant was first described by Johann Veslingius inwho named it “Egyptian cucumber”. Sponge gourd tolerates a wide range of climatic and soil conditions. The crop has been under cultivation since ancient times.


Other Uses The mature fruit is dried and the fibrous remains used as a skin brush for washing[ ]. There is little information available about the use of luffa forage, products and by-products as ruminant feeds as of An emerging high potential underutilized cucurbit. Luffa fricatoria Donde Momordica cylindrica L. The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available.

Genotypic and phenotypic variability in ridge gourd. Distribution Top of page L. The fruit is essentially an inferior berry, even though it is called a pepo because of its hard, tough rind when mature Seshadri, Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry.

Luffa aegyptiaca (loofah)

Cytogenetic investigations in the interspecific hybrid L. Sponge gourd is also used in Chinese medicine to treat rheumatic pain.

Due to the use as a scrubbing sponge, it is also known by the common names dishrag gourdrag gourdsponge gourdand vegetable-sponge. Each fruit contains hundreds of flat, smooth, black seeds. It is presently used as bath sponge, pot scrubber, filter, packing material and for making handicrafts Porterfield, ; Heiser, Roemer Sponge Gourd-Niyan wetakolu: Common Name Loofah Family Cucurbitaceae USDA hardiness Known Hazards None known Habitats Not known in a truly wild situation, the plant was probably originally native to India but has been cultivated for so long that its origins are uncertain[ ].


Luffa aegyptiaca

Leal and its cultivation has an increasing economic importance Anandjiwala, Plenty in it for both the casual reader and the serious student. Luffa Luffa aegyptiacaleaves.

Generate a print friendly version containing only the sections you need. Luffa is a fast-growing vine well suited to tropical areas or to summer-growing conditions under a temperate climate. The fruit is best picked young, when about 10cm long, and used like courgettes[ ]. National Plant Data Center. The fruits are used internally in afgyptiaca treatment of rheumatism, chest pains, backache, orchitis, haemorrhoids, internal bleeding and insufficient lactation[ ].

It acts mainly on the lungs, liver and aegyptiacq ]. Ng found a mention of the use of cucurbits to induce second trimester abortions in China dating back to The protein profile is moderately rich in lysine 4. Alginate coated loofa sponge discs for the removal of cadmium from aqueous solutions.

Luffa (Luffa aegyptiaca) | Feedipedia

The sponges are prepared by steeping the mature fruit in running water until the skin and seed contents have been washed away[ ]. It is sensitive to acid soils; the optimal soil pH is 6. Range Pantropical, it probably originated in Asia, or perhaps Africa.