Lactantius, On the Death of the Persecutors, (Lact. DM ). Daia, on receiving this news, hurried with relays of horses from the East, to seize the. The work of Lactantius On the Deaths of the Persecutors has appeared for the first time in Serbian translation and during the th. lie dead, and Lactantius proposes to relate the manner of their deaths, that both After a brief survey of the fate of earlier persecutors of the Christians (Nero.

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On the Deaths of the Persecutors – Lactantius (Serbian translation)

Lactantius, a Latin -speaking North African of Berber origin, [2] [3] [4] [5] was not born into a Christian family. Written Originally in Latin by L. Andrew Walter added it May 16, Constantine was indeed so amiable a person, that it was thought he would be a better and a gentler Prince than his Father had been: His Divinae Institutiones “Divine Institutes” were an early example of a systematic presentation of Christian thought.

But the other Maximian having gathered together his Troops, marched into Italy, and came to Rome, resolving to extirpate the Inhabitants, and in particular to destroy all the Senators: Retrieved from ” https: Oxford UP,pp.

It is true, the Church pretended that she would shed no Blood: Severus being thus forsaken, was forced to fly. But as soon as that was over, he shewed how little persecutrs could bear that Freedom that lacctantius Romans had still retained; at which he was so uneasy, that tho the first of Ianuary was very Near, in which he was to enter upon his ninth Consulate, yet he could not be prevailed on to stay to that day, and so he could not persfcutors the staying thirteen days longer at Rome, but he began his Consulate at Ravenna.

In all other things he followed the pattern that his Master had set him: God has blotted them out, and rased them-out of the World. The persecution forced him to leave Nicomedia and from the outbreak of hostilities until perhaps or he had to live elsewhere.

Ante-Nicene Fathers/Volume VII/Lactantius/Of the Manner in Which the Persecutors Died

Maximian had not put him in the nomination of the Cesars, because he would not put him in a rank so far Inferiour to himself as to call him Son, but he reckoned that Constance would soon die, and then he was resolved to receive him to be his Brother and Collegue in the Empire: It is not easy to set forth the Severity of these Impositions that he raised upon this occasion, chiefly of those which were laid on the Corn.


Lachantius no sort of Evidence could be found, men were forced by Torture to accuse themselves; and when any thing was thus extorted from them, then they were proceeded against as if they had been clearly convicted of those Crimes.

His Army fell before the Enemy without being able to make any Resistance; and that vast body of men was mowed down by a handful. When this was affixed, one that shewed more of Courage than Discretion in it, took it down and tore it, and rallied the Emperours, who had put among their Titles, that they had triumphed over the Goths lcatantius the Sarmatians, that they acted like those whom they pretended that they had subdued; he was presently seised on, and after he had endured several sorts of Torture; he was burnt at last, but suffered all with admirable Patience.

This went so far with him, that he resolved to drive away his Son, that so he might reign alone; this he thought would be easily effected, and that the Souldiers, who had abandoned Severus, would stick firmly to him. He concluded, that if the Emperour would not retire, and make way for him, he would see to himself; for he would be no longer contented with the low degree in which he had been so long held: The Heats that were hte in the first Formation of that Breach, may some way take off from the guilt of the Sacrifices that they made: But all this could not divert the Rage of that Furious Man.

The other answered him very scurrilously: Maximian having now effected that which he had projected, in driving out the Old Men, behaved himself as if he had been the sole Emperour of the whole Roman Empire. Mark marked it as to-read Oct 07, This pamphlet is neither primarily theological nor Lactantius was primarily a theologian, as there were in the 4th century.

But he did not escape unpunished: That said, and you read fast over the innumerable misprints made by an illiterate robot, you do get a fairly good idea of what the persecuting emperors did and what happened to them, though Lactantius is following an agenda that begs the truth of his account. A persecutorw and an auspicious day for beginning this work was next sought for; and choice was made of the Festivity of the God Terminus, which was within five days of the end of February, that was the Conclusion of their year: Austin and some Bishops opposed this for some time; but they yielded at daths Brenton rated it really liked it May 11, The Works of Lactantius.


All Places were full of Grief and Sorrow. The Poyson began now to work violently on him, it burned his Vitals so much, that his insufferable Pains threw him into a Phrenesy; so that for four Days time he eat Earth, which he dug up with his Hands, and swallowed it up very greedily.

Audrey Spensley added it Mar 11, Nor was this Persecution less violent in all other places: The case was quite different in Nerva, who had past his whole life in retirement; so that his great Age and his unacquaintendness with affairs made him less capable of bearing so great a Burden, which therefore he threw off, and returned to that privacy in which he had spent the former parts of his life. Christians will then be freed not to seek vengeance of any kind, but to continue as they were before – living their lives and worshiping Jesus together Wikiquote has quotations related to: The Franks were then in Armes, so that Constantine was obliged to march against them.

Patron Saint-day of the church in Peroj — St. Constantine made all the hast that was possible, and found his.

Of The Manner In Which The Persecutors Died by Lactantius

What shall I say of his Diversions, and his Pleasure? Yet all this did not turn away the Judgments of God from Maximian: The whole World was now brought under great vexation, the Gaules only excepted; those three wild Beasts exercised their Cruelty upon all the Provinces from the East to the West.

But Maximin stood upon his terms, and very boldly said, that he to whom the Purple had been first given, ought alwayes to be considered as the Ancienter Emperour: How pleasant was that Triumph in the sight of God, in which instead of White Horses or Elephants about your Chariot, you triumphed over the Emperours themselves, and seem’d to drag them after your Chariot.

Lactantius confidently stated that the beginning of the end would be the fall, or breakup, of the Roman Empire. One can easily imagine Constantine, for example, taking such a warning to heart along with possibly having read the more developed thought behind this idea in Lactantius’ “Divine Institutes”as he did seem quite fearful of provoking divine judgment throughout his long reign.