Manuals and User Guides for Keston C C55P. We have 1 Keston C C55P manual available for free PDF download: Installation And Servicing Instructions. Keston C55 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Keston C55 Installation And Servicing Instructions, User Instructions. WD The Keston C45, C40P, C55 & C55P CONTENTS Section Description 0 HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS List of contents Recommended handling.

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Flow thermistor not connected or faulty. Domestic Propane and Butane Burning Installations Contact your Gas Supplier immediately. The integral Grundfos pump is automatically controlled to best match Flame signal lost 5 times in 4 minutes — the flame is unstable.

Open the catalog to page 7. No ignition after restart. Control box errors — possible faulty control box.

Keston C55 Manuals

Water pressure lost 4 times in 24 hours — possible leak. Check boiler for leaks.

Fan failure — boiler cannot detect fan rotation. Check gas supply, gas valve operation and ignitor electrode spark generation E03 Gas valve faulty or not connected E04 Power has been reset whilst boiler was in lockout E05 Fan failure — boiler cannot detect fan rotation E07 Flue overheat.


Only relevant if an outside temperature sensor is detected. E28 Fan not rotating — check fan connection and fan for fault. Fan not rotating — check fan connection and fan for fault. This way it guarantees quality, reliability and safety. Flame circuit error — possible control box fault.

All additional components are packed inside the boiler cabinet itself. For indirect models you will need to turn off boiler heating option too. After this boiler will try to ignite. Check by-pass fitted on off flashing Cabinet overheat.

Open the catalog to page Gas pressures above or below these levels will cause internal pressure issues with the gas valve. Possible air lock or circulation blockage.

Turn User Control Knob to On. All joints should be checked for soundness after servicing and before firing the appliance.

C45 C40P C55 C55P – Keston Boilers – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Brochures

Open the catalog to page 3. Reset button on a Combi boiler The most common block codes are included in the table below: Fit new element and reset thermal cut out output.

After clearing the issue, you will need to reset boiler press reset buttonso that boiler resumes operation. Burner is off because the boiler is up to temperature.


External controls not calling for heat. Actual Flue Temperature — display indicates the flame and fan symbols NB: Outside temperature — display mxnual a small graph on the bottom row.

Keston C55

You will need to call an qualified and experienced national Keston service engineer for further advice. E08 Flame circuit error — possible control box fault E09 Valve drive error — possible gas valve or control box fault E10 Control box errors — possible faulty control box E11 Internal electronics error — rest or replace control box E12 Thermal fuse blown or flue overheat thermostat activated.

Flue Exhaust Connection E02 No ignition after restart. B30 Difference between flow and return temperatures too high. Keston Boilers Guide All Keston gas boilers for your home including parts, troubleshooting and efficiency! The Online Architecture and Design Exhibition. Check the electrical circuits by testing short circuit, earth continuity and resistance to earth tests.