KDevelop provides seamless integration with a variety of documentation You can simply open a documentation page by hovering a symbol and then selecting . Support. Before looking for support, be sure to read the available documentation, whether that is the application handbook, developer documentation or other. The KTextEditorPreviewPlugin software provides the KTextEditor Document Preview Plugin, a plugin for the editor Kate, the IDE KDevelop.

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Furthermore, dockmentation is the Development list. You will need additional interfaces information if you want to e. If you want to see another documentation, mark the TOC check box in the setup table. So I needed to get a system to build and test things on.

Here it is in action: We have filled in a deliberate item to show the entry structure. See the Plugin Tools section for docimentation info. The following build systems are supported, which means that KDevelop can automatically obtain run and build targets as well as include paths from them:. Every documentation setup page shows the listed documentation items in a table with four columns:. Code documentxtion and bug fixing.

Please step up, contact us via IRC or the mailing lists and start writing documentation. Video should appear here; if it doesn’t click here Diagnostic messagesI mentioned in my last post that I’m looking at exposing error messages from libsyntax to KDevelop. Alternatively, try docujentation for user support and kde-devel for development help. Use the buttons to the right of the list field to add, edit or remove the document items.

The widget allows navigation, i.

Contribute to the KDevelop project

Importing a project from a version control system server Option 2: All configurations pages on the Documentation tab use a common layout. One page at a time will open after a click on its index card title:. It will be prepended before each section Docymentation in the following content structure list. I also focused on a lot of minor improvements this past month to make the plugin easier to build and use, to make it more reliable, etc.


But if you finally select one of the chapters, KDevelop will in many cases try documentaiton access a remote documentation file.

Translation Localization of KDevelop is handled by the awesome people behind l10n. The Customize KDevelop dialog will pop up, where you have to select Documentation in the left hand window.

By default, this configuration page will be empty as shown above. On Windows and in the Linux AppImage we provide, documenttion are included and enabled by default.

This name will be displayed as level title in the documentation tree. Context-sensitive, semantic code completion: Importing a project that is already on your hard drive Setting up an application as a second project Creating projects from scratch 3. Any change of the Search check documentahion marks will thus effect the search runs only after you rebuilt the index on the Search page of the KDevelop Documentation facility.

Note Custom documention cannot be indexed or searched. Thus you cannot have documentation collection items indexed but not shown in the contents. If you have a non-standard installation, either there will be no information listed at all or the entries will possibly refer odevelop improper locations e. Table of Contents 1. DevHelp files documengation were accessible on the LiDN website, but this seems to be not maintained for some time now.

Feature Tour This page lists noteworthy features of the KDevelop 5. There are some structural constraints assumed when searching for Doxygen generated API documentation.

Documentation | KDevelop

Note KDevelop utilizes the htdig application documnetation to perform full text searches. Usually this collection will be empty at first KDevelop startup.

For a list of relatively trivial tasks, check out the so called Junior Jobs. This search is done over an internal index, the htdig machinery has to build before it can be used.


Free to reorder, enable or disable any buttons in the menu bar Arbitrary split views Arbitrary layout of tool views inside the main window Freely configurable color scheme, separately for application and editor. You may add your own API documentation entries e. A tree will open where you can quickly navigate to subsequent chapters nested several levels deep, mdevelop offline.

Feature Tour

There are several ways for KDevelop to find out:. Documentation KDevelop’s documentation is lacking behind unfortunately — we are in need of help here. Persistent disk cache for the code database. Building compiling projects with custom Makefiles Building individual Makefile targets Selecting a collection of Makefile targets for repeated building What to do with error messages 6.

Visit our IRC channel kdevelop at Freenode join via web chat here. The button to the right of the Location field opens a directory dialog whose entries usually will be filtered according to the file type of the selected configuration page. Each i denotes a consecutive nesting level down to number n which will correspond to the finally displayed documentation section. KDevelop utilizes the htdig application collection to perform full text searches. Note Any address combined of base and section URL must point to some displayable text file.

To illustrate, follow these steps: So, if you documentatjon. To check the translation status of KDevelop into your native language, please take a look here. Note The internal index will be built the first time the user selects the Index page.

A nightly Rust compiler is required to build the supporting library.