JEPPESEN NAVIGATION LOG. Aircraft. Number: Dep: Dest: Date: Clearance: Ident. FUEL. Dist. GS. Time Off. Check Points. (Fixes). Froq. Course | AllBudo| Mag. With JIFP, Jeppesen’s premier Internet Flight Planning solution, never worry about your aviation navigation charts being Account / Login. Aviation Jeppesen will continue to offer our PC-based FliteStar VFR and IFR flight planning solution. Learn about FliteStar – Jeppesen’s advanced electronic IFR / VFR general aviation flight planner software. Now available Account / Login FliteStar VFR and IFR are our PC-based flight planning software solutions for general aviation pilots.

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Round this up to 8.

Easterly variations are found west of the agonic line, because magnetic north lies east of true north from any position west of the agonic line. Orcon Corp Organic Product. Convert True Course to Magnetic Course Look for an isogonic line on the sectional chart closest to the drawn course. It can also accommodate override fuel flow settings.

Lower Most Efficient Altitude: You can check out the other versions of this planner, as well as pilot submitted versions here. Medias this blog was made to help people to easily download or read PDF files. The deviation card is typically located in a holder next to the compass.

Print a copy of this planner iifr now and follow along using the tutorial. Obstacle Clearance — Compare the field elevation of your departure airport, destination airport and all terrain and obstructions 10 miles each side of your planned course to determine the height of the tallest obstruction.

Crew Gear Crews Curtis Superior. CH Compass Heading This is the compass heading you will jeppdsen for a specific leg of your flight in your specific airplane.

  CISCO 2960S-24PS-L PDF

TAS is knots for both and ft, so no interpolation is required.

IFR / VFR Flight Planner with “Live” Aviation Weather Maps | Jeppesen General Aviation

Round this up to 8. The optimum cruise altitude for any flight depends on a number of factors.

The Advanced Model available in FliteStar Corporate only allows for more complete cruise information, an unlimited number of cruise settings, and more than a simple linear climb and descent profile. If too many gaps exist in the data, the Advanced model could be less accurate than the Basic model. We could choose,etc.

The correction applied to a course to correct for wind drift. Request a Free Catalog. To understand the total distance, time and fuel, sum up each column and enter it at the bottom of the navigation log table.

This means we should use the Standard Temperature column in the cruise performance chart. Generally, winds will increase as you climb. Obstacle Clearance — In this example, we are departing from O61 field elevation and landing at Nutree field elevation There are many different versions of navigation logs.

However in most lig it still provides highly iifr time and fuel burn results.

Nab results in a good minimum altitude for this flight of ft MSL. Starting inthe web-based flight planning application will be powered by Jeppesen.

Click the button below to get started today! We now have a plan to initiate our descent for Nuttree airport 3 minutes after crossing our Sacramento Executive airport checkpoint. To learn more about flight planning through FliteStar, please: Customer Satisfaction Survey We value customer feedback and invite you to complete a short survey about your customer experience.

You may need to fly around terrain or airspace, navigate using radio navigation radials, navigaiton choose a route that is over airports. In this case, the result is a WCA of -1 and a groundspeed of The optimum cruise altitude for any flight depends on a number of factors. FliteStar is offered in three software versions to provide the flexibility of features you need suited to your flight planning needs: Using your navigation plotter, determine the true course along your course line, and measure the distances between checkpoints.


If you have any question regarding the type of Cookies that are used and need further insight please review logg Data Privacy Policy. As the ft winds are light ivr variable and the ft winds are 9, interpolation is difficult. They will also serve as triggers for making radio announcements at a uncontrolled field, or establishing contact with the tower at a tower controlled field.

There are two approaches to planning when to initiate a descent. This is a westerly course, requiring an even altitude plus ft. Also, this examination is the first step in developing situational awareness about your flight.

Jeppesen Internet Flight Planner (JIFP)

As you approach your destination airport, you should identify a 10 NM and jeppesrn NM checkpoint to aid you in identifying the airport. If you have any question regarding the type of Cookies that are used and need further insight please review our Data Privacy Policy.

Before starting to complete the navigation log, a review of terms and abbreviations is important. Many pilots create their own version in spreadsheet software to have control over how the information is organized, tailoring the format to their own specific needs. Many aviation publishers sell printed copies, there are electronic versions available on the internet, and online and tablet-based flight planners can automatically logg navigation logs. There is no terrain or obstacles along the route of flight.