Marshall JCM TSL 60 super lead guitar amp head is a guitar amp head with a power output of 60 Watt and 16 Ohms/8 Ohms impedance. This amplifier. Get the Marshall JCM Triple Super Lead Head if you want an amp with great clean sound and a lot of gain. Speaker emulation DI circuit. Spring reverb. Marshall’s new JCM Series was introduced last year and has been well- received As for the basics, the TSL has three channels – clean, crunch, and lead.

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I love my TSL combo.

Marshall JCM TSL 60 super lead head 60 watt Guitar Amp | eBay

Do you already have an account? Txl independent channels with separate EQ, volume and gain, and master controls for reverb, presence, FX mix, and deep switch.

Best Selling in Guitar Amplifiers See all. TSL crunch all the way. But to say the shipping was perfect from these guys would be an understatement. Been playing Cream licks all morning on this: Along with the standard treble, middle, and bass EQ controls, the clean channel also has a separate switch for mid boost. I like the TSL’s distortion. With more features and options for controlling the sound, this new design provides the ultimate in flexibility for the player. First off, The Marshall amp sounds great with the three different channels.


Ronnie Earl Bob Dragich. Danelectro N Honeytone 10 watt Guitar Amp Jul 10, 1. In addition to three channels, it has reverb and effects loop, all footswitch controllable.

Marshall TSL 100

Your name or email address: The new TSL is truly a winner. Please keep the reviews coming! It did its job for the time I had it, but as soon as I got my Mark V, it was gone, and I’ve not missed it a bit Marshall Head Guitar Jcj.

People who bought this also bought. I enjoyed my TSL 60 while I had it, despite its reputation Read the current issue of VG. I’m amazed these heads haven’t skyrocketed in price at least not yet. Jul 10, 3. I’m gonna take it to the rehearsal space pretty soon and let it rip and see if it’s any good for me. It has a button 2000 it that drops the wattage or tso, and it seems to work.


Log in or Sign up. I guess like the Splawn Competition. Cool info for sure. In the real world, they are good amps.

If he played with Gregg Allman, he could probably make anything sound good! Share This Page Tweet. I liked it much better after I got rid of the G12T speakers that came in the 4x The layout was intimidating at first glance, but it’s really not that bad now that I am messing with it.

It was rock solid, and I never had a problem with it. The lead channel offers a bit more gain and slightly more edge than the crunch channel.