Wytrzymalosc materialow tom 1: Zdzislaw Dylag, Antoni Jakubowicz, Zbigniew Orlos: : Books. Wytrzymalosc materialow tom 2 [Dylg Zdzisaw Jakubowicz Antoni Oro Zbigniew] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Podrecznik przedstwia. See details and download book: Ebooks For Mobile Wytrzymalosc Materialow T1 By Zdzislaw Dylag Antoni Jakubowicz Zbigniew Orlos Pdf.

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A.Jakubowicz,Z.Orłoś – Wytrzymałość materiałów

A student is able to solve buckling problems taking into account plastic material properties. Shear force and bending moment.

Torsion of circular shaft of solid sections and of hollow circural sections. Learning outcomes – numerical tasks. A student is able to determine the distribution of normal and shear stresses for twisted thin-walled open-section jamubowicz with non-freely warping. Theory of constrained torsion of thin-walled bars with open cross-sections.

Strength of Materials (06 11 00)

Determination of shear strain modulus G. To familiarize students with practical application of the methods of analysis of mechanical properties of materials and the experimental verification of theoretical relations. Relationship between modules E, G and Poisson’s ratio. Energy methods of calculation of critical loads including effect of shear forces.


On the completion of the course student will be able to: Basic cases of combined stress systems. Effect of shearing on stability. Tensile and compression tests. Theories of elastic failure. A student is able to estimate the influence of shear force in stability analysis for structural members.

Evaluation wytrzymal problem solutions applied to learning outcomes no 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Relationship between T and Mg. A student is able to calculate generalized properties of areas for open thin-walled cross-sections. Achieving all the intended learning outcomes for the subject of Materials Science, Mechanics, Mathematics. A student is able to solve makubowicz problem of ajkubowicz of a thin-walled bar with an open cross-section.

Stress and strains in bending. A student is able to determine critical load using energy methods. To acquire skills to determine the strength parameters of construction elements. Definition of moment of inertia of areas with respect to axis. Describing the influence of shear force and plastic strain in buckling analysis. Moment of inertia of plane areas. Determination of fatigue strength.


Wytrzymalosc materialow Tom 2 : Zdzislaw Dylag :

To familiarize students with basic theoretical information concerning the strength of materials. Parallel – axis Steiner theorem. Jakubosicz between power, torque and rotational velocity.

Test related to lecture material applied to learning outcomes no 1, 2, 3, 4, wytrzymo and 6. Examples of constrained torsion of thin-walled bars with open cross-sections. Presentation of methods of statics of thin-walled rod with open cross-section. Deflection of a beam. Internal forces in bending beams. Learning outcomes – written elaboration of theoretical problems. Presentation of energy methods of estimation of critical load.