de guides composteurs (référents bénévoles des sites de compostage) qui . prototype de plateforme de vermicompostage équipée de systèmes de filtres et. Typologie des candidats aux formations de maître ou guide .. englobent le lombricompostage (on dira plutôt vermicompostage en Belgique) pour les habitats. ABSTRACT – Journal of Composting Science and Utilization, Earthworm digested wastes (vermicompost) are being produced in increasing quantities to.

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How works votre City Worms. PIN It on Pinterest.

Our little friends who leave from us on Tuesday evening, for example, will join you vrrmicompostage Wednesday before We do never mix two species in our deliveries. I can still go on holiday? It is best, if you put it in your backyard, him back indoors in periods of cold so that the worms continue to treat your waste. What can we feed the worms?

To protect them from the cold, use a blanket even worn, be sure to recycle! Ils sont un peu comme nous: But no, guid can never have too many worms!

Our lombricomposteurs include edges inside trays, wait until the top of the ridge is exceeded by 3 cm before asking the next plateau. What are the differences with composting? When did we add a tray? According to the models of lombricomposteurs and the size of the home, you can start with vermicompostqge, g or 1 kg of biomass of worms. It is much less effective for vermicmopostage but excellent for fishing Diluted 10 times in the water, I get up to one liter of natural fertilizer per day!


Vous obtenez facilement et gratuitement du lombricompost le meilleur amendement naturel!

City Worms | blogverslaterre

Compost worms live years on average; They live less long than their cousins tillers, earthworms about 7 years. I start my pratiuqe bin. The number associated with the package is the amount of worms see Q Vermicomposting is a method known as ‘cold’ because there is no rise vermmicompostage temperature which does nothing the elimination of pathogens, as well as in conventional composting.

It is you who set the frequency of food depending on your waste, gide amount of worms and the temperature. A litter of departure and a mattress of humidification are included in each of our lombricomposteurs to facilitate commissioning. City Worms the guide. They tell you it will rain amount under the lid, even until it rains.

In 2 cases, them are packed in bags micro-aerated including or g of worms approx.

Compostons !

If you are unable to free you, we offer the “Relay package” option, which allows flexibility to look your parcel not far from home.

Yes, I agree No, I do not accept Learn more. Please be patient before installing a new plateau: In theory, the worms eat more than half their weight a day Worms have no problem to take green waste, but your bin is not suitable for quantities greater than a few blossoms: Guaranteed for 10 years: Solid and liquid fertilizer produced by your City Worms is a fertilizer of premium quality: Their intestine is a real factory to produce the “forest land” very rich in minerals and nutrients, ideal for my plants and my garden, and commonly called Vermicompost.


Vermicomposting and composting traditional or foot of the building are actually more complementary than competitors!

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Of course it is an indoor ‘sensitive’ in the same way as a classroom, a shopand you will need to take simple steps to avoid the appearance of gnats. The worms are attracted to waste in the higher plateaux.

Surface effects on the outside corners of the feet protect from shocks and avoid unsightly wear. Vermicomplstage perform our quality measures at the start of each delivery and we take care to choose our carriers for their speed and their rigour. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you accept the use of cookies.

Composting is practiced in Garden exclusively. The alternation of ‘green’ and ‘brown’ waste helps the process. It is advisable to place your bin in the shade and water with water to lower the temperature.

Guidf will just continue to eat what you gave them previously.

Ici la Foire aux Questions !

Added to the free compost, this is real savings, and my neighbors can also enjoy! They double their numbers every 2 to 3 months approximately.

What is the liquid obtained The worms? It protects also from the cold in winter and light. vermicomposyage