Giovanni and Lusanna: a microcosm of Renaissance Florence. Contributed by Niamh Cullen. It feels a little strange being a twentieth-century. “Set against the grindstone of social class, this story of Lusanna versus Giovanni, gleaned from the archives of Renaissance Florence, throws a floodlight on. When Gene Brucker’s. Giovanni and Lusanna was first published in , it was hailed as belonging to “new scholarly territory.”1 Microhistory was a relatively.

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Works Cited Brucker, Gene A. Books by Gene A. According to Giovanni and his supporters, he and Lusanna were simply lovers. I have assigned this book in several different courses on lysanna medieval history and gender history. The standoff between a secular judge and an archbishop underscored the growing divide between church and state.

Giovanni and Lusanna: a microcosm of Renaissance Florence | Pue’s Occurrences

Looking ahead for more. It was said in the book that a woman was not supposed to look a man in the eye while in public. A classic case of love ’em and leave ’em, except Lusanna sued to annul Giovanni’s match, claiming he was already married–to her. The Quest for Justice 4. Feb 23, Lyndsey Silveira added it. The Renaissance began events that led to the fall of Catholic Church, with the largest losses taking place in the 16th century.

These actions on her part are ones ahead of her time, when women had a relatively l I had to read this book for a college class. Jun 22, Victoria rated it liked luwanna Shelves: Her husband soon died a questionable death that left open the possibility of poison. Sep 18, Tiffany McDonald rated it really liked it. This is what modern scholarship would label ‘microhistory’, or specifically the study of a single small event: Looking ahead for a lot more.

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Decide for yourself as you take in a dramatic collage of sworn testament from over a dozen unique witnesses low born peasants, high-ranking officials, family, friends, etc. The affair occurred over many years This recount of a whirlwind love affair turned legal battle set in Renaissance Florence is intriguing, to say the least. She won in the local court but gipvanni when Giovanni appealed to the higher court in Rome.


However, the Renaissance movement was limited to a population of wealthy, upper class men. The Renaissance was characterized by a period of artistic expression and revolution in the arts as well as increased individualism and resurgence in the popularity of classical influence. She specialises in modern Italian history and her current research project focuses on the relationship between dress, popular culture and social change in s and 60s Italy.

The History of a Relationship 3.

Too much time is spent saying “this is just a possibility” instead of showing the facts and letting the reader come to a conclusion themselves. If general history contrasts micro-history how then might it paint a general life in Florence during the mid 15th century? Jan 22, Lizabeth J. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The affair continued for 12 years, until Giovanni announced his marriage giovaanni an aristocratic girl. The assumptions that we can make about a historical figures character are endless.

Aug 07, Derek Rivard rated it it was amazing. I thought the analysis was a bit shallow or not sufficiently detailed at some parts, and he could have elaborated on some of his arguments.


More importantly the point Brucker tries to bring out is that this study of an out of the ordinary event will give us much insight into the social conventions of Renaissance Florence and will broaden our knowledge of love and marriage in this period. The rest on booklikes: Skip to giovannni content. Selected Essays California, Lusanns, your blog cannot share posts by email. Not to mention these actions as well as the views of others make Lusanna a pretty mysterious figure.

Dec 04, Ana Bela rated it really liked it Shelves: Dec 27, Shannon Kauderer rated it liked it. Among these, Florence was run by the merchant guilds with strong banking ties.

May 20, Sara rated it liked it. Not my favorite type of history but it was required and rather interesting as it is based on hundreds of pages of court documents. The fact is, money is power, and with the greed that is naturally built into every human, money will consistently come out on top. Great book if you want to learn about the legal system and the role of women in upper-class Renaissance Italy. Giovanni first saw Ljsanna in the early s when they were both in their early 20s.