Taking it down a whole ‘nother level, Will and Chester journey to the center of the earth in FREEFALL. By the authors of the NEW YORK TIMES Bestseller. Freefall [Roderick Gordon, Brian Williams] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After DEEPER, can the TUNNELS adventure be any more. Freefall (Tunnels: Book 3). Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams Will Burrows and his gang are far from finished as they free-fall down a subterranean pore.

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I am very curious how these 2 authors carry it out. I think this book is an actual development from the previous installments.

May 19, Amber M. Preview — Freefall by Roderick Gordon. When the scene took place in a scorching land, I could imagine the feeling. One of the Rebeccas and a Limiter approach Will’s father, Dr Burrowsand attempt to bully him into finding them a way out freeefall the Pore.

They meet new friends and explore new places that bring them closer to understanding the inner workings of the earth. Goodreads helps you keep track roderidk books you want to read. FreefallRodedick 3 in the Tunnels series. While exploring tunnels, they are attacked by giant carnivorous creatures called spider-monkeys. Akan tetapi, tak seperti ekspektasi ketika membaca cerita petualangan fantasi macam ini, alur ceritanya tergolong lambat dan cenderung datar.

Apr 11, Lindsey rated it really liked it.

Freefall (Tunnels, #3) by Roderick Gordon

Assisted by Will, Dr Burrows begins to investigate one of three Mayan-type pyramids they find there. Will shoots one of them while Elliott kills the Limiter. Thanks for telling us about the problem. In the book Will gets stranded deep gordoon and must find his way out while being hunted by the evil styx. Burrows meet up with his wife at a roadside cafe.


Freefall | Tunnels Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

This page was last edited on 28 Marchat They are saved by the intervention of a new character called Martha. Will and his group of friends must find a way to keep the Rebecca twins from escaping the Pore with the virus. She, Will and Bartleby follow the trail and discover that the Rebecca twins and a Limiter have also made it through to the hidden world. It is a book with threat of global domination and destruction.

It’s full of adventure and exploration! I am so happy- wait, spoiler- that Elliot and Will finally killed the Rebecca twins. Drake is saved by a mystery figure who drags him from his van before the Styx can get to him.

Freefall (Tunnels: Book 3)

The Limiter then takes Drake home. Dec 22, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sep 25, Nikhil Shankar rated it it was amazing.

Born inhe grew up in Highgate, North London, and eventually went to University College where he dabbled in genetics and listened to Joy Division.

Drake makes it Topsoil, where he tries to get in contact with former members from his anti-Styx cell, but finds they have been killed. At the beginning of the book they are on a ledge in one of the Seven Sisters, named The Pore.

Even the “evil” character is a set of teenage twin girls. Science Fiction Subterranean fiction Lost World. I have thoroughly enjoyed going on this journey with Will, Chester and the rest of the gang.

Following a period of editing, Barry republished it as Tunnels in July She has returned to Highfield where she is kept under freefa,l surveillance by the Styx and their agents.


Burrows, they somehow look like children. Burrows, discover a way back to Topsoil and return to Highfield, a new character, Martha, gorcon introduced, and there are two major confrontations with the Rebecca twins, the main antagonists of the series.

We indeed are faced with another cliffhanger, but this time, the cliffhanger is more intriguing, so we feel invited to continue reading the next book. When they get there, it turns out that the metal ship is actually a modern Russian nuclear submarine, and they are forced to shelter inside it while Elliott responds to the antibiotics. They end up discovering the Crystal Belt, a zero-gravity belt at the Earth’s center with massive triboluminescent crystals. He is reunited with Chester, Martha, and a fully recovered Elliott.

Burrows and Will reach Highfield, they stop at the museum, which has been modernized since Dr. Jun 02, Shawna rated it liked it. Drake, with help from a squad of former SAS soldiers, devises a plan to trap one of the leading Styx, the “old Styx”, using Mrs. In the subsequent explosion, Will and his father are separated from Chester, Elliott, Martha and Bartleby, while the Rebecca twins and the surviving Limiter seek refuge in the Russian submarine.

Elliott then uses charges to destroy the sub.

A sign of a good book is the way it makes you feel about the characters.