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Make the subject join his hands, and suggest that they are welded together; make him put his hand autosugwstion the table, and suggest that it is stuck to it; tell him that he is fixed to his chair and cannot rise; make him rise, and tell him he cannot walk; put a penholder on the table and tell him that it weighs a hundredweight, and that he cannot lift it, etc.

At the end of this time there is an almost imperceptible but still autosugesttion movement of the left leg.

Sin embargo, si el jinete logra poner las riendas al caballo, las partes se invierten. It is the training of the imagination which is necessary, and it is thanks to this shade of difference that my method has often succeeded where others — and those not the least considered — have failed.

How Suggestion Works In order to understand properly the part played by suggestion or rather by autosuggestion, it is enough to know that the unconscious self is the grand director of all our functions. It may be defined as “the act of imposing an idea on the brain of another”.

These are the words suggestion and autosuggestion. It can on the contrary save your life when you know how to employ it consciously. I treat him in this way nevertheless, and ask him to return two days afterwards. It would take too long, and would also perhaps be somewhat tiring if I were to relate all those in which I have taken part.


Here are a few more: Preliminary experiments followed by suggestion.

Some subjects are very sensitive, and it is easy to recognize them by the fact that the contraction of their fingers and limbs is easily produced. If others again are happy or unhappy, it is that they imagine themselves to be so, for it is possible for two people in exactly the same circumstances to be, the one perfectly happy, the other absolutely wretched. When the child is asleep his body and his conscious self are at rest and, as it were, annihilated; his unconscious self however is awake; it is then to the latter alone that one speaks, and as it is very credulous it accepts what one says to it without dispute, so that, little by little, the child arrives at making of himself what his parents desire him to be.

Hoy Digital – Jie Chen y José Antonio Molina: magnífica elección sinfónica

In the simplest way. Quantum Yoga is now on your hand! Notice that your will is powerless to make you advance; if you imagine that you cannot, it is absolutely impossible for you to do so. Simply because in the first case you imagine that it is easy to go to the end of this plank, while in the second case you imagine that you cannot do so. As a dream vanishes when we wake, so will all these vain images disappear. I could quote a thousand other examples but I should fear to bore you by such an enumeration.

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In a very short time the asthma disappears completely and there is no relapse later on. She sleeps immediately, and the suggestion is given.

Suggestion from me, and autosuggestion from herself. From the numerous experiments that I have made daily for twenty years, autosuhestion which I have examined with mi nute care, I have been able to deduct the following conclusions which I have summed up as laws: Soy por el contrario su mejor amigo.


Nosotros los seres humanos tenemos cierta semejanza con las ovejas, e involuntariamente, estamos irresistiblemente impulsados a seguir el ejemplo de otros, imaginando que no podemos hacer otra cosa.

Jie Chen y José Antonio Molina: magnífica elección sinfónica

Sin embargo es un instrumento peligroso, puede herirnos o hasta matarnos si la manejamos con imprudencia e inconsciencia. Los mentalmente no desarrollados que no son capaces de entender lo que se les dice. Gracias a su habilidad el fue capaz de producir mucho mas que un obrero 34 helpdeskilos hotmail.

The Superiority Of This Method This method gives absolutely marvellous results, and it is easy to understand why. Tell him to think that he cannot unclasp his fingers, that you are going to count three, and that when you say “three” he is to try to dw his hands while thinking all the ti me: I renew the suggestion and tell him to return in eight days.

The operator should stand a little behind the subject, the left leg forward and the right leg well behind him, so as not to be knocked over by the subject when he falls.

Here again is it not the unconscious self which has caused the unhappy man to act in this way?