Dr. Eyal Lederman completed his PhD in physiotherapy at King’s College, London, where he researched the neurophysiology of manual. J Bodyw Mov Ther. Jan;14(1) doi: / The myth of core stability. Lederman E(1). Author information: (1)CPDO Ltd., London, . The myth of core stability. Eyal Lederman The principle of core stability has gained wide acceptance in training for the prevention of injury and as a treatment .

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The day before I published this blog two well known newspapers printed articles recommending core stability training, showing just how entrenched this idea still is. When the body is seen as a whole, why would a specific group of muscles be more important than yeal in protecting against back pain?

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Athletes and dancers don’t stabiliyt they are knackering their joints til its too late. You definitely know how to convey a difficulty to mild and make it important. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Posture has become “dynamic posture” and stability is now often replaced “dynamic stability”. My experience of pilates classes was that you engage the pelvic floor muscles and lightly zip up but no pulling in, contracting or tightening going on.

Lavenia Aguinaga Wednesday, 01 February Picture the scene there was one physio, me, someone who needed a translator and another who had narcolepsy and kept falling a sleep l kid you not So essentially the physio was only effectively communicating with one of us – me.

Causes ballooning and weakening of the pelvic floor 4. The following HTML tags are permitted in comments:. This website uses cookies. The basic premise of core stability was a finding that in people with chronic low back pain, there are changes in motor control of the trunk muscles. You are commenting using eya Twitter account. Subscribe to our mailing list Don’t forget to visit our blogs page to read up on the latest news today!


The idea of core strength may have stayed within the Pilates community but for Professor Paul Hodges, head of human neurosciences at Queensland University. That would be daft imo.

Maybe they help initially to reduce the fear that people have that moving and becoming aware of their back jyth overwhelm them with pain and they will be helpless.

Learn how your comment data is processed. With what we know of psychophysical unity, there are many ways into addressing what constitutes core strength. It becomes weak and wobbly as you try to move. The core stability sessions caused my muscle tone in my right foot to become so high, I had difficulty getting my shoes on.

Breathing difficulties asthma, sleep apnoea and panic attacks may be related 6.

The Core Stability Myth

Notify me of new comments via email. Belly dance and chronic illness – Page 3 – Belly Dance Forums. The question to pose is, I think, how one overly simplistic approach to back pain can take hold and grow to the extent the core stability industry has grown. What he failed to see was that this wasn’t an issue of poor strength, but poor eal. From a psychotherapy perspective, what is important is a secure ‘sense of self’, which ov an emotional-psychological-sensate experience.

Causes a loss of lumbar hollowing lordosis and stooping of the upper back 3.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Please follow the instructions in it to confirm your subsciption. It works for those who are used to using their bodies and already have mobility. I guess it’s very much a book of its time.


The Myth of Core Stability: Part 1

I had not been taught these core strengthening techniques which would have protected my spine when l was doing all that silly hypermobile stuff. Quick contact Please get in touch with us via email at reception the-SOP.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Despite the core stability myth being exposed nearly ten years ago, and journalist Peta Bee writing about it in The Times infrom conversations I have with people I’d say its hold is as strong as ever.

Balanced poise doesn’t require stabiljty, and “stability” invariably translates into rigidity at the expense of mobility. Thomas Nesserassistant professor of physical education at Indiana State University, later tried to establish a positive link between core stability and the cire to perform ordinary daily tasks, but failed! The practice offers a range of healthcare options for patients seeking an alternative or complementary therapy to conventional methods.

This one is from a cyclists perspective in relation to sporting performance. It is possible to rehab a patient using the model of core stability, conversely we could have a patient doing a range of total body exercise and they will also show improvement.

Eyal Lederman has written an extensive critical review of the use of core stability in back pain rehabilitation, and although there is a lot of material covered in the review, it is summarised nicely and the reference list alone is worth getting the article! Lederman begins the review of core stability by examing the role of the transverse sability.