The FOT MaxTester Automated Loss Test Set is the unit of choice for field technicians in network installation and maintenance. This unit integrates a. The Exfo FOT MaxTester Automated Loss Test Set is compact, portable test tool that stands up to virtually any field environment. It features a splashproof. Find great deals for EXFO Fot MaxTester Automated Loss Tester. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Results can be easily accessed, processed, analyzed, and printed from a desktop PC with ToolBox Office software for maximum efficiency. Both fiber and cable reports can be generated. Professional Data Management Automatically generate reports exfi information about all events for all the fibers within a cable, as well as produce pertinent statistical information.

The Excel-compatible format allows you to create customized reports, use macros, sort data, and generate statistics per cable, project, or contract.

EXFO Fot MaxTester Automated Loss Tester | eBay

The large, sturdy touchscreen is resistant to shock,water, dust, and common chemicals. Unique test applications Hardware and software combine forces in the FTB UTS such that unique tests which streamline and automate repetitive or complex operations can be performed.

Printouts can be customized to include traces and graphs, tables of results, comment notepads, test parameters, fto-920 more.

Such large amounts of data can then be handled through advanced software tools, such as the batch processor and cable report generator,which allow you to complete the task in a fraction of the time usually required. The rack-mounted FTB UTS can quickly be removed from the rack when special field testing applications are to be performed.

Automatically perform a number of operations on a series of test files, including OTDR analysis, bidirectional processing, templating, and printing. And the family of plug-and-play modules continues to grow with the continuous introduction of new test modules.

As these acquired skills apply from one module to another, training costs are significantly reduced and users will not be lost without their manual. Document your test results completely and quickly. A sound long-term investment The open architecture of the FTB UTS provides obvious cost advantages since a single test system is shared between many applications. The trace preview window aids file selection before printing. Without changing the platform, the test set can also be modified with new modules or software upgrades to provide the latest technologies at a fraction of the cost.


Loaded with time-saving features ToolBox 5 is filled with time-saving features such as quick print, quick save, preview of stored data, cut and paste text input, batch processor, etc. The power of a UTS lies in its capability to evolve with technology and your needs; therefore, the FTB UTS provides you with the widest selection of test modules available. This processing power lets you perform on location the most complex test operations, as well as data analysis, documentation, and archiving with the test set.

used EXFO FOT-920 FOT-922x-BR23BL-EI optical Maxtester (power meter and source)

All application software required to operate the different test modules are integrated into a single software: The unit offers shock-proof casing to withstand drops and vibrations.

For example,OTDR or loss testing on hundreds of ribbonized fibers can be significantly accelerated with the use of the 1×12 optical switch and OTDR fot-290. Remote control capability An FTB Exfk installed in the field or in a central office can be remotely accessed from another FTB or from your desktop PC with ease flt-920 adjust test parameters, perform tests, and download results. The touchscreen keyboard allows test documentation in the harshest field conditions. Its PC architecture runs the Windows 95 operating system as well as a complete test application software to provide maximum processing capability right where you need it the most: Some handheld power meters or loss test sets can even download data to the FTB UTS via a serial link or send messages through the fiber under test.

ToolBox Office is especially useful when extensive post-processing of test results must be performed in the office environment. Office version of ToolBox 5 ToolBox Office is designed to perform extensive analysis of test results on a desktop computer in an office environment.


Your customized MultiTest module can integrate the following fiber-optic tools: The test exfk simultaneously houses up to three field-interchangeable modules.

US-Instrument Services. Exfo FOT Maxtester

Users no longer find themselves lost in an endless maze of submenus since all functions are activated directly on screen with the touch of a finger.

A rugged, portable field unit The FTB UTS is designed to resist the rigors of the worst field conditions as well as stand the test of time. This unique user interface gives the operator instant access to all test modules in a true multi- tasking environment, thus increasing test procedure efficiency.

All the Tools under One Roof No emulation software required The ToolBox 5 software package has truly earned its reputation as a complete, user friendly test interface.

Reports can either be printed individually or in a batch to save time.

Fully adapted to this new reality, the FTB Universal Test System UTS provides a simple, yet efficient,way to perform multiple advanced test operations in outside plant installation,maintenance, and troubleshooting. ToolBox 5 is easy to upgrade and evolves along with testing requirements.

Print traces and reports at all times The report generator enables the production of professional test reports directly from the FTB UTS. When performing OTDR bidirectional averaging, all acquisitions from both directions of a cable can be matched in one operation, either manually or automatically.

The uniform software presentation for all test modules makes it easy to learn and remember. The UTS then becomes an integral player on an efficient fiber-optic test team. With the unique touchscreen keyboard, you can document test results in the harshest field conditions. The outershell is waterproof with sealed joints, and door panels protect connectors, ports, and the floppy disk drive.