Jacob Aagaard – Excelling at Chess Calculation, Capitalizing on Tactical Chances () pdf – Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation. The right of Jacob Aagaard to be identified as the author of this work has been as – . concentrate on the endgame, prophylaxis, calculation and more general. The standard back cover hype reads, “The art of chess calculation is the absolute key to the success of a player. Master this discipline and you.

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Rather than invest a lot of time dealing with abstract arguments, one might want to start there and then browse through the excellint to excrlling positions with those themes in mind.

Where would you slot the Yusupov books into the above training plan? Matt No chance at the moment. BookDB marked it as to-read Sep 11, Pawn moves in front of the castled king create structural weaknesses and make life easier for the attackers. I don’t know whether those rules are useful in an instructional sense for beginning or low-level players, which is a different and complex issue.

Kasparov is more interested in prophylactic and space-gaining moves.

Excelling at Chess | The Week in Chess

Eric Miettinen rated it it was amazing Jul 28, Gilchrist is a Legend very heavily loaded pages. Keep up the good work!


Chatur rated it it was amazing Oct 28, Luiz Egri marked it as to-read Dec 21, I also strongly recommend reading my two books written together with Boris Gelfand and published under his name.

To ask other readers questions calcklation Excelling at Chess Calculationplease sign up.

The Week in Chess

Gollum Easy to understand; hard to do. Why not take concrete positions into account with as little prejudice as possible, use your experience perhaps in similar positionstest some actual lines, and form your own judgment about the reality of whether a piece is good or bad in a particular situation?

I am a excellinh believer in the value of training exercises over prose as a method of improvement.

That’s pretty simple to understand. At that point I start to wonder If the time I spent could have been used more productively by simply studying exercises of various forms.

Once you are well into Calculation, you can start working on Positional Play as well. Tartajubow December 22, at 7: Chesd your own games.

The theory behind the training will be presented shortly in an easy to understand way. If so, I understand that its best to start with GP Strategic Play only after Positional play because of that Strategic is like Positional but then in a greater sense so to speak?

Format the hardcovers properly. Thanks for sharing that informative email with everyone here.


Even a simple g4-g5 idea was considered quite radical when Keres played it, and this is obviously something else again. The whole idea is absurd. Anonymous December 22, at 3: May 7th, at Actually, I really love the book. What I took from that was with all the theory that abounds, millions and millions of pages of GM analysis, millions of millions of PGN files in databases, most amateur players, like myself, still get lost in finding the most relevant aspect of the position.

For any time that a titled player such as Aagard feels compelled to present caculation case in such a venue, it at least shows that the target in this case my ‘Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy’ is attracting serious attention. I can tell that my thought process is changing and chess is getting simpler.

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Of all of these books, Calculation and Positional Play are the most important to really understand well. Gilchrist is a Legend When it is sent to the printer — as always.

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