The main difference between this game and its predecessors is that The Esoterrorists RPG recognises and addresses the problem of under. The Esoterrorists 2nd Edition – A stand-alone roleplaying game by Robin D Laws You are elite investigators combating the plots of the. Items 1 – 24 of 24 A stand-alone roleplaying game by Robin D Laws You are elite investigators combating the plots of the Esoterrorists, a loose affiliation of occult.

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That is, rp you expect the investigation to be the cool part of a game, use something else, but if you want to esoterrorusts investigation to get to the cool stuff, this may do the job for you. The skill system is so loosely bolted on that if you like the investigation engine, you can easily replace it with Risus or Fudge or the New WoD or really anything else you feel comfortable enough to cook with. The game assumes competency on the part esoterrodists the investigators– they’re trained, aware of the situation and hopefully prepared to face the opposition.

Well-funded and highly skilled sociopathic monsters, for the most part, but sociopathic monsters none the less. I like the Gumshoe system and I think that The Esoterrorists presents it well. This page was last modified on 28 Septemberat They essoterrorists help get characters out of some jams, but severe problems like a witnessed murder can’t be brushed under the carpet.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Views Read Edit View history. That has a tendency to bend and bubble, especially along the spine and it can peel away at the edges.

The Esoterrorists

The rules spend esoterroridts three pages on this and handle it well without getting too bogged down. The fact that this involves killing lots and lots of people and making the world a seoterrorists shitty place to live for everybody but themselves doesn’t bother them at all, because the Esoterrorists are sociopathic monsters. After a scenario is completed, player characters receives new build points that can be used as either investigative or general build points.


As elite investigators of the Ordo Veritatis, the characters combat occult terrorists who are intent on tearing the fabric of the world by esoterrofists it to the creatures of the Outer Dark. The role of these rules is the same role as the clues they govern — to quickly move past them and onto the real meat of the matter.

This article is a esoterrorksts. The only defect presentation-wise lies in the glossy cover which uses a laminate. Retrieved from ” https: There’s something refreshing about your adversaries being not a monolithic and powerful organization, but a scattered group trying to push an agenda.

Notify me of new posts by email. Laws’ provides a disclaimer to clarify that this version of mental illness draws from ‘pop culture’ rather than reality. Laws is very aware of the dangers of railroading, and commits some time describing the difference between railroading and the appearance of railroading, asserting that the latter is much more destructive to a game. You can help 1d4chan by expanding it.

If you expect an investigation game, images of Law and Order or The Wire are more likely to cross the mind than something like Buffy. Ordo Veritas provides logistical support, money and so on, but in the field you’re often on your own.

Esoterrorists – 1d4chan

Any number of investigative build points can be spent on an investigative ability, though more than 3 or 4 points is rarely useful. That’s a modern game with a focus on the idea of corporate eosterrorists hunters.

Once in awhile they can summon a monster or something, but this rgp to fail seeing as how, again, magic’s not real. A later version Edition 1. In terms of other rpgs it comes close to the material of Conspiracy X or Delta Green. That’s a great device, but can be overwhelming at first. Now, both of these approaches can work, but they serve different needs based upon the anticipated endpoint.


That comes to twelves pages between the player and GM portions. Ads by Project Wonderful!

The book itself is a slim page soft cover. Originally developed for d20 they have since published a version for the Gumshoe system to tie into the links they made here.

esoterroristts The game is pitched as an investigation game. In final assessment, I would mostly only recommend this book to gearheads curious to get their hands directly on the engine — for most others I would council waiting for Cthulhu. In The Esoterrorists setting, two players receive 32 investigative build points each, while five or more players receive 20 build points each.

Rob Donoghuerpg. Retrieved 24 August Newer Post Older Post Home. The first printing I purchased of it had a real stiffness to the cover and paper, resulting in odd bending and inflexibility. The first is the challenge of figuring out a puzzle and the second is to point to something else. Problem is, just like in Mage: Laws’ uses this adventure to illustrate how an investigation is created. Views Read Esoterrorishs View history.

It echoes a darker version of the X-Filescloser to Millennium in tone. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. About Arras WordPress Theme. I talked about the Gumshoe rpg system yesterday, so I’d like to look at a couple of games that actually put that into application.

This page was last edited on 31 Augustat It only presents the mechanics for a couple of supernatural foes, but directs the reader to the Book of Unremitting Horror if they need more ideas or really have to have established stat blocks.