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BS EN specifies the requirements for the design and manufacture of pot bearings which will be used for operating temperatures. Buy EN STRUCTURAL BEARINGS – PART 5: POT BEARINGS from SAI Global. BS EN Structural bearings. Pot bearings. Be notified when this Standard is updated or amended – Add to StandardsWatch. General Product.

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Glass beads, antiskid aggregates and mixtures of the two. Design of fastenings for use in concrete. Read more about SIS Subscriptions.

Coating materials and coating systems for exterior masonry and concrete. Transportation Association of Canada. Measurement procedures and requirements.

BS EN – Structural bearings. Pot bearings

International Concrete Repair Institute. Immunity for residential, commercial and light-industrial environments. Spheroidal graphite cast iron. Laboratory measurement of sound insulation of building elements.


Intrinsic characteristics of airborne sound insulation. Laboratory measurement of sound insulation of building elementsMeasurement of airborne sound insulation. Specification for constituent materials and asphalt mixtures.

Consideration should be given to adjustment of this temperature for height and local divergence such as frost pockets and sheltered 11337-5 areas if the data obtained applies to a general area rather than to a specific location. NOTE The minimum shade air temperature for a location should be obtained from meteorological data appropriate to a year return period.

Limits and Methods of Measurement. Specification for copper alloy and composite flanges. Contact us svenska Login.

Structural bearings – Part 5: Pot bearings

Measurement of impact sound insulation. Determination of shrinkage and expansion. Rating of sound absorption. Falling-weight test, large-area indenter.

Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories.

Standard – Structural bearings – Part 5: Pot bearings SS-EN –

Message to your colleague. Ring and ball method. Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada. National Council Highway Research Program. Determination of compressive strength of repair mortar.


Quality control and evaluation of conformity. Determination of water-vapour transmission properties. Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements.

What is a standard? Determination of water-soluble chloride content of fresh mortars. Reference concretes for testing.

Anchoring of reinforcing steel bar. Laboratory measurement of sound insulation of building elementsApplication rules for specific products.