Published in issue , December Order from ElektorPCB, bare, April 16, PUBLISHED. in Elektor magazine | December | Find it here. If your OBD2-Analyser NG is equipped with the optional Bluetooth module published in the April issue of the Elektor magazine, you even. Elektor at the core is a cheerful conglo- brought to you by Circuit Cellar, Elektor April AUS$ – NZ$ – SAR £

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Firmware Update and Emulator for OBD2-Analyser NG / Wireless OBD2

Internal pull-up resistors in the microcontroller generate the high level. The temperature signals from the sensors on the return line are correlated in the same manner, and ideally the time offsets obtained for the supply and return lines should be the same. The author wrote the software for the ATmegaAU boot loader and application program in C, and the source text can also be downloaded. If 00 is given, negative response codes are switched off. For this reason, the PCB designed by the author includes inputs for additional temperature sensors.

For example, the resistance of a KT sensor is approximately 1. U4a amplifies the sensor signal by a factor of approximately 8.

Heating System Monitor Possible codes are 10, 11, 12, 21, 22, 78 value is interpreted as hex. Since the browser can be run on a different machine than the application, you can remotely control the OBD2 Analyser NG via the internet, then.

This is detected by the temperature difference between the hot water and cold water supply lines.

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This is provided by the combination of R20, R26 and R Firmware Compared to the original firmware v1. The next step is to launch the PC program termgui. Since HHEmu version 2. The R and R2 sensor signals are also applied to elekttor inputs of a differential amplifier built around U7a, and the resulting difference signal is amplified by a factor of I keep them here as long as I do not make a new release with full source code.


This increases the absolute measurement accuracy, since qvril full output signal amplitude is used. Directory structure and files are almost identical to the old firmware release e,ektor. This way you can see exactly which function is involved if a problem arises. Then rotate the trimpot back in the other direction until the LED starts blinking or goes dark. By elektro, three-way valves between the two sensor locations are not a problem as long as they are closed while measurements are being made.

However, the software supports different avvril modes providing much more than a mere emulator. That is much more than you would see in a real vehicle that just supports a subset of all OBD2 features. The input stages for the other temperature sensors have a similar structure.

Use the PC software to calibrate the temperature sensors. Check the updates for details and more features.

So, a remote mechanic could take a look on live-data of your car. Metering, adjustment, matching Antennas.

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In that case you can view more data items or menu items at once, since the test software’s display height is 64 simulated pixels instead of the 32 pixels of the original LCD. U6a and U6b are also wired as comparators for signals from the temperature sensors for hot and cold domestic water. Electronic fuel injection Car. These two opamps can pull port pin PD7 or PB0 respectively to approximately 0. To do that, type “1e1u” or “1e2u” while the HHEmu window is active. The reference voltage for the sixth sensor, which is attached to the cold domestic water line cold-cold, CCis somewhat lower and is buffered by U5a.


If pairs of temperature sensors separated by a few metres are mounted on the supply and return lines, the flow velocity can be determined from the time offset of the variations measured by the two sensors.

The bistable relay K1 is driven by T1 and T2. If you wish to modify or extend the PC software, you 20100 also find the source code and information on recompiling the code in the download. Despite your best efforts to economise on heating, they list tidy sums for electricity or gas consumption.

During this process the temperature of the heating system supply line should remain constant and no domestic water should be drawn from the taps. Assembling the Rubik’s Cube Did you know? Here C28 and R61 form a high-pass filter that more or less allows only changes in the signal level to pass. It is important to ensure that there are eelktor active branches between sensors S and S2 on the supply line or between sensors R and R2 on the return line.

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However, port number must be less than It is rated for only relatively low voltages and currents. A software user guide with a brief aveil of the method is available in the Zip file that can be downloaded below.

See the command summary in chapter 2. April 1,Latest update: