In June Eddie’s wife, Paula Gilfoyle, who was eight and a half months pregnant, committed suicide by hanging herself in the garage of their home in Upton. The meeting is part of an odyssey that began 16 years ago and will continue until the prisoner, Eddie Gilfoyle, is cleared of a crime he says he. Law: the expert view Eddie Gilfoyle’s case demands immediate action Justice on trial Eddie Gilfoyle free after maintaining innocence for 18 years in jail.

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When other police officers arrived at the scene they had no doubt the death was a suicide. Former police officer Caddick believes other gilvoyle may have seen Paula that day, either in the post office, or the Upton and Moreton locale.

Eddie Gilfoyle served 18 years in prison after being found guilty of a fatal attack on former factory worker Paula Gilfoyle.

He now says the note was “written, unaided, by Paula and is consistent with a very real determination to kill herself. Piper did not give evidence at Gilfoyle’s trial. However, the High Court said yesterday that the decision had been sound.

A man accused of killing his pregnant wife – then trying to cover it up by making it look like she committed suicide – has lost his latest battle in his fight to overturn gilfoyls murder conviction.

Subscribe to our Daily newsletter Enter email Subscribe. Armed Forces Edrie health Reviews Law. At 11am on the morning of Paula’s death, a wine canvasser, Maureen Brannon, called on the Gilfoyles. Everton FC The ultimate Everton quiz of – test your Blues knowledge 36 questions to test if you know your history. Lawyers for Eddie Gilfoyle said there was no hope of establishing the truth after he lost his latest attempt to be cleared of murdering his pregnant wife.

Following Paula’s death, members of her family approached the police saying they did not believe she had taken her own life.


Fresh blow for Eddie Gilfoyle as latest attempt to challenge his murder conviction is dismissed

After the murder conviction, a member of the Merseyside Police Complaints Authority reported concerns over the force’s handling of the case and a detective chief superintendent from Lancashire police, Graham Gooch, carried out a reinvestigation. More On Upton Wirral Crime. Last year he was refused an appeal by the Criminal Cases Review Commission and sought a judicial review, arguing that its reasoning was misguided.

Gilfoyle says the worst factor of his wrongful conviction, and the 16 years he has been in prison, is that he has never been allowed to grieve for his wife and unborn child. Want to read more?

Later that day a piece of rope was discovered tied into a slipping noose in a drawer in the garage. No such course existed and Gilfoyle has always denied telling his wife that it did. Wirral This is why police descended on the Woodchurch Estate today Two men being quizzed over terrifying driving antics in Wirral neighbourhood.

Piper also told two other friends, the day after the death, that she “saw her yesterday in the post office”.

Channel 4 accepted that the officer had not behaved corruptly. Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. In The News This is how to make your Best Nine on Instagram Some of you may be scratching your heads wondering how to create such as masterpiece.

Ironically, Halford was responsible for promoting Paul Caddick to sergeant and describes him as a “fine officer who has lost a career because of the Gilfoyle case”. Although he was freed in DecemberEddie will never be free until his name is cleared and we as the Eddie Gilfoyle Campaign will not stop until justice is served. He says it would be virtually impossible to gilfoyyle a conscious person against their will without leaving marks indicating a struggle.

Convicted wife killer Eddie Gilfoyle loses legal action – BBC News

She was eight-and-a-half months pregnant. Dr Bernard Knight is a retired professor of forensic pathology. Start your free trial. Gilfoyle was jailed for life in Speaking to the Guardian inPiper said the idea of her mixing up the two sisters, as suggested by the police, was ridiculous. The marriage had been through a difficult period and, believing the note to mean Edvie was leaving him, Gilfoyle drove to his parents’ house to seek advice.


This, the prosecution said, was a “practice noose” used by Gilfoyle. Bootle Shocking video shows police officer ‘punched and bitten’ in street attack horror Officer taken to hospital after terrifying incident. But she is still adamant that she saw Paula Gilfoyle the day she died.

Gilfoyle was arrested and a murder investigation began. They listed nine alleged flaws by Merseyside police in their investigation into the death and expressed their “real and substantial concerns about the safety of Gilfoyle’s conviction”. On the same day, a local woman, Maureen Piper, told police she had spoken to Paula in the local post office at He had alibis for the rest of the day and the prosecution’s case was that he killed his wife before leaving for work.

‘No hope of justice’ for Eddie Gilfoyle

On 4th JunePaula Gilfoyle, 32, was found hanging in the garage of her marital home in Upton, Wirral. Crime Frenzied passenger did THIS to Delta driver after being asked not to spill drink The driver was left with bite marks to his face after the passenger launched himself at him. Gilfoyle’s edde, Matt Foot, believes his client has been let down at every stage of the criminal justice system and that there is nothing safe about his conviction.