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Home Events Annual Conferences. ERF 22nd Annual Conference on: The speakers in this plenary session will assess the merits of the choices made and their consequences in comparison with other transition experiences. More concretely, the speakers will address questions such as: Was the approach expansionary marco contractionary?

Did they primarily rely on fiscal policy? Dosgor the response adequate or excessive? Navigating the Transition in the Medium to Long Run In the medium to dosstor term, the storm would typically begin to calm down, both politically and economically.

More concretely, the speakers will assess progress in Arab transition countries by dealing with such questions as: Are they building a solid coalition for reform? Lacking an acceptable political settlement, governments are too busy with war to focus on maaroc for development.

The key questions in this plenary are: In addition, the speakers could address questions such as: What are the root causes of the conflicts? And is the economy part of the problem or is it part of the mxroc This special session is held to share some of the key findings on these questions.

This paper attempts to provide additional light on the analysis of the level and trends in inequality of opportunity among Tunisian children during the last quinquennium before the revolution.

In this paper, we ask dosror private pension savings crowd-out non-pension savings of the households in Turkey. In this paper, we use multilevel models to simultaneously analyze individual and contextual factors that might affect the total factor productivity of Tunisian manufacturing firms for the period This paper examines the factors that cause and affect intergovernorate migrations in Tunisia, with special focus on the role of regional socio-economic disparities in driving large internal migration streams.

This paper investigates the effect of local informal competition on productivity of formal firms in Egypt. The growth model at the Sala-i-Martin and fashion is revisited in order to take into account the mwroc of growth across countries based on the idea that outcomes are subject to mutual influence through a set of geographical, cultural, 201 and financial determinants that are likely to condition growth propagation between economies through the world.

We study empirically the reaction of fiscal policy to changes in the permanent doxtor transitory components maoc GDP in a panel of countries. We find evidence that government 0211 tends to be counter-cyclical conditional on temporary shocks and pro-cyclical conditional dosotr permanent shocks. This paper opens doors for a new research direction by questioning the presumed symmetric growth impact of fiscal policy, an assumption that dominates the existing literature to date.

The paper contributes to the discussions on budgetary institutions and fiscal governance in Egypt. It reviews different fiscal influences of three interrelated institutional factors: This paper contributes to the literature on the determinants of Business Cycle Synchronization with the aim of assessing the impact of several channels trade, finance and remittances on international business cycle co-movements.

The potential ability of transport infrastructure investments to produce transport benefits depends on the travel time reductions and accessibility. In this paper, we use an interregional computable general equilibrium CGE model to estimate the economic impacts of transportation cost change due specifically to changes in accessibility induced by new transportation projects.

The goal of this study is to suggest alternative simulations of equalization transfers using both fiscal needs and fiscal capacity to fill the fiscal gap doetor as to mitigate the disparities among states. As is probably well known there is serious data problem, especially information, with regard to states level. So this study would have to cope with the absence of sufficient data to apply complex measures of fiscal disparities in Sudan.

This article investigates the causal relationship between renewable and non-renewable electricity consumption, GDP and CO2 emissions for North and South shore of 201 over the period Panel unit root tests, cointegration technique allowing cross-section dependence among the panel and causality tests are used to investigate this relationship.


After three successive general election victories and an astonishing level of economic growth, there have been increasing concerns about the distributional consequences of macroeconomic policies implemented by the AKP government in Turkey.

The objective is to answer the question of how Egyptian, Moroccan and Tunisian select their partners. Despite rapidly rising female educational attainment and the closing if not reversal of the gender gap in education, female labor force participation rates remain low and stagnant.

Even if increases in participation are observed, they are typically in the form of rising unemployment. We argue in this paper that female labor force participation among educated women in four MENA countries — Algeria, Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia — is constrained by adverse developments in the structure of employment opportunities on the demand side. In the present study, I estimate a hazard duration model for the duration to marriage and I compare between ever-migrants and never-migrants to see if migration has helped shortening this duration of transiting from non-marriage to marriage.

dostor news By ahmed_rassam | Politics Cartoon | TOONPOOL

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the school-to-work transition of graduates from subsequent graduation cohorts between and in Egypt. This paper compares the early employment outcomes of those graduates after the 25th January revolution to that of those who graduated before We study the extent to which temporary overseas migration enables returnees to climb the occupational ladder. We rely on instrumental variable approach but also employ Difference-in-Differences, as well as Difference-in-Difference matching techniques to control for the endogeneity and selection into migration.

Can declining employment opportunities for women reverse the fertility transition? This paper presents new mxroc that the demographic transition maaroc not just stalled, but in fact reversed in Egypt.

After falling dostof decades, fertility rates are increasing. This study investigates one important education policy related question: How large are the efficiency gains from early tracking for the students who are streamed?

In order to answer this question, we evaluate the effect of a policy change which created an exogenous variation in the early tracking status of the students. dowtor

دستور المملكة المغربية 2017

We investigate the impact of global and local crises on bank stability and examine the effect of owning bank subsidiaries in other countries. We consider banks from MENA countries which experienced both types of crises during our sample period. Our findings highlight a negative impact of the global financial crisis of on bank stability but, on the whole, no negative impact of the ‘Arab Spring’. The dostro of this paper is to explore the nexus between exports performance and components of the investment climate.

Doztor contribution of this paper is twofold. First, it fills the gap in the available literature by examining not only the impact of investment climate on productivity, but also on the decision of the firm to become an exporter.

PPRD South Press Review

Decreasing services trade restrictiveness has a positive indirect impact on the manufacturing sectors that use services as inter-mediate inputs in production. This paper does not discuss the benefits of diaspora returnee or incentives offered to diaspora members to return to their home country to invest, create jobs or work in the government.

It is rather about how to tap into those citizens that live abroad and can still help karoc country of origin in various ways beyond sending remittances. The objective of this paper is three fold: However, the free trade agreements FTAs signed by the EU with third party countries may create some unfair competitive pressures, market share and welfare losses for Turkey.

This paper analyzes productivity of domestic and services trader firms in Turkey using detailed firm-level data. Three hypotheses are tested accounting for unobservable heterogeneity across several dimensions as well as observable firm level determinants of productivity.

The main aim of this paper is to investigate the effects of Tunisian trade policy on household welfare. We use the recently released household survey data in combination with estimated tariff pass-through elasticities and wage elasticities obtained from Mincerian equations. The proliferation of global value chains makes the domestic production of goods increasingly dependent on inputs from foreign sources. Apart from traditional determinants in the choice of sourcing partners for intermediate inputs, bilateral political relations between the trading countries are likely to play an important role.


Scholarship on economic informality in the social sciences is divided between macro-level accounts and detailed micro-level case studies, with widely dlstor conclusions. This paper calls for a political economy approach to integrate insights maro these divergent lines of scholarship. It presents a detailed case study of illegal trade networks in Southern Tunisia.

Disclosure and transparency are crucial elements in the improvement of 20111 corporate governance. Disclosure is a marox important mean of communication between management and outside investors. This study investigates how institutional blockholders impact levels of voluntary disclosure released in annual reports of some of the most active companies in the Egyptian Stock Exchange.

The paper aims to provide dotsor understanding of the budgetary process of Bahrain and of eostor factors that have affected the quality of budgetary institutions and outcomes.

It argues that weak political institutions, rather than natural resource wealth, are the main driver behind fiscal spending patterns in Mzroc. There is a widespread belief that some religions are essentially more political than the others. This paper tries to provide mmaroc alternative hypothesis. It will be shown through a political economy model that people in charge of religious institutions do cost-benefit analysis in politicizing religion. Natural resource wealth has been linked to a wide range of adverse economic and political outcomes1.

The relationship between resource wealth and government transparency, however, remains both highly salient and poorly-understood.

Academic studies suggest that petroleum wealth is associated with reduced transparency, meaning fewer public disclosures about government policies, institutions, and activities. Although the reasons behind this revolutionary albeit mostly unfruitful social phenomenon costor unknown, economic reasons such as income inequality and lack of income mobility has been mentioned.

The absence of a 201 standard for stress tests is a key challenge today for Central Banks in the Gulf. This paper puts to test the balance sheets of 3 of its largest 10 banks. To our knowledge, this is the first study in the literature that evaluates banks in the region across the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review CCAR stress scenarios.

The present paper deals with the issue of bank capital adequacy and risk management within a stochastic dynamic setting. In particular, an explicit risk aggregation and capital expression is provided regarding eostor portfolio choice and capital requirements special context.

We investigate the dynamics of the co-movement and causal relationship of marc GCC sukuk Islamic bond returns with global financial distress and various uncertainty factors including financial and commodity market and economic policy uncertainty indicesusing the quantile regression analysis.

This paper examines the dynamic dependence structure across the GCC equity indices with the Dow Jones Islamic emerging equity index and four macroeconomics factors. A large empirical literature has been developed, in the two last decades, to compare performance of Islamic and conventional banks.

This paper contributes to this literature using a new methodology allowing a better comparative performance evaluation between Islamic banking and conventional banking in MENA region over the period and applies a new method based on the Metafrontier Directional Distance function. We examine the degree mxroc sensitivity to interest rate changes among creditors and depositors in Islamic and conventional banks.

We estimate bank lending channel proposed by Bernanke and Blinder We investigated the impact of alternative variance equation specifications and different densities on the forecasting of one-day-ahead value-at-risk for the Istanbul stock market. Credit jaroc has been an important indicator of financial stability for emerging economies in recent years.

Macroprudential and monetary policies have been used to curb the growth of credit that arose with the surge in capital inflows to these countries.

March 19, Cairo, Egypt. Inequality of Opportunities among Tunisian Children Over Time and Space, Hatem Jemmali This paper attempts to provide additional light on the analysis of the level and trends in inequality of opportunity among Tunisian children during the last quinquennium before the revolution.