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During combat, the compeller can demand only one of two things: Placing a ship near the boundary indicates that that vessel is moving rapidly away from the battle. More advanced rifles have military uses. I’m sure there are others out there.

PDF SRD | Diaspora | RPGGeek

Whoever has shifts against him will take a Data stress track hit to the ship. If the character has Resolve at level 1 or 2, the Composure track has four boxes; if he has Resolve 3, the Composure track has five boxes. While not a common weapon, where technology and industry have fallen behind, these are the mainstay of the heavy infantry. Its free and has a lot of addons free too.

In Diaspora we are interested in dealing with various sd of combat as more detailed structures than a simple roll of the dice, because combat games are fun. The Agility Mod applies to all armour, positive values implying powered armour. And yet they are connected into a tight cluster of only a few stars by some currently inexplicable laws of physics. A Beam roll is made to oppose all incoming Torpedoes. This blast stuns the target without dealing serious damage. Most flame weapons rely on a reactive blend of hydrocarbons called diaspoar for ammunition, rather than batteries.

Diaspora SRD

A player cannot, for example, decide to apply thrust left by noticing his opponent has applied thrust right. If one is looking for appropriate adjectives to describe an action, it is often the difference between two rolls that might determine the quality of success.

  HRB 476C PDF

Dimensional blade doshkos have a narrower visible blade, but the solid surrounding aura makes them vicious weapons.

Any long stick with a pointy end is a spear. There are no necessary mechanical consequences of narration in the game, but it may still prove to be the most memorable of the session.

As always, before any dice are rolled, the caller will ask for compels, at which time players can compel each other to fail to act. For example, a zero pistol is both a small arm and a cryo weapon. The weapons on the following tables are grouped into types, and they are further divided into categories within each type.

Remember, moving diiaspora ship between the 3 and 4 bar or the -3 and -4 costs 2 shifts, and moving a ship from the last bar off the map costs 3 shifts. In some contexts the shifting of srr can lead to interesting play environments.

But for every board state and state change, there is an interesting and believable story that can be told. It is automatically cleared if it is carried through a complete session with a clear Wealth stress track.

Health, Composure, and Wealth. If, however, the player declares his whole action to be a move, he may roll Agility or MicroG if in a microgravity environment against difficulty zero and count shifts. Sometimes player characters are not in contact with their ship for extended periods. Anything that suits the method gunfire, punching, whatever and that genuinely removes the character from play is suitable.

Sometimes a fight will take place in an environment where diaspor integrity of armour is important not only to absorb combat damage but also to resist environmental effects.

You build a universe, you build characters, and then you play with them in it. A Stellar cannon is a portable, handheld cannon that fires exploding shells filled with dense flechettes that shred nearby targets.


The authority to narrate depends upon the action declared—see below for details. Weapons that use batteries list the highest-capacity battery they are capable of using as well as how many charges from the battery that each shot consumes. Each Skill associated with a combat phase normally requires a single crew member to staff it. The total number of systems usually is between six and ten.


The next highest rank then places a single ship and this continues until all ships are placed. Grenades are loaded individually, rather than in magazines.

Most batteries can hold 20 charges, diwspora some high-capacity versions made of rare materials can hold more see Table 7—9: If the referee left things at a cliffhanger, he is entitled to say that no refresh has occurred between sessions.

Spacecraft are the unit of scale in this mini-game, and not player characters. A smoke grenade deals no damage; instead, it releases a cloud of dense smoke. When narrating how an opponent is Taken Out, it is essential to diazpora how and if the opponent can return to the game. Or, with a financial hit, you could be slaving away in a burger joint with no prospects of happiness or promotion.

At this point, the game would normally revert to the individual tactical game: One of the biggest conceptual hurdles in adopting this system for resolving social interactions is recognizing that not every person in a scene needs to be represented on the map.

Any weapon or diadpora that does not have the Civilian Stunt requires a Military-grade Skill in order to use. In these cases a loss of suit integrity any Health track Consequence has serious ramifications.