Diableries has 88 ratings and 6 reviews. Forrest said: Let’s get the obligatory cataloging information out of the way first, shall we?Diableries: Stere. Les Diableries is the title of a series of stereoscopic photographs published in Paris during the s. The photographs, commonly known as stereoviews, portray sculpted clay vignettes which depict scenes of daily life in Hell. Pellerin (), Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell, London Stereoscopic Company. ‘Diableries – Stereoscopic Adventures In Hell’ was published on 31 October , The book is a study of ‘Diableries’, which are French stereo cards produced.

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Michelle rated it it was amazing Mar 31, Inside of the box, showing a complete list of the “A” series. Brian also opened a free gallery in a disused telephone box in the English village of Settle, which featured a selection of photographs from the book.

The other side of his face looks approvingly on those journalists who write and disseminate trivial, vacuous news about celebrities and social happenings that will keep the masses distracted from any real problems in the Empire the early equivalent of People magazine. Submit your spooky themed analogue shots here.

Paula Richardson Fleming is a photographic historian with a special interest in stereo photography. Want to Read saving….

This book will be a family heirloom that will hopefully be passed down for generations long after I have joined the choir eternal.

Denis Pellerin, adventutes photohistorian, was a teacher for over 30 years and has been interested advnetures photography since the age of ten. The eyes of each skeleton were then pricked out with a sharp advenutres, and small pieces of red gel, or blobs of reddened varnish, were applied to the back of the pricked holes. The book contains pages and full colour photographs, and comes in a slipcase with an ‘Owl’ stereoscope viewer.

Diableries – Stereoscopic Adventures In Hell [ shop ]. I had no idea these existed and really enjoyed viewing the images with the viewer. Williams to a global audience. Jun 20, Mills College Library added it. Donna rated it it was amazing Dec 01, An enlarged view of one half of the stereo card. What did I think of the book? We plan to add a special section with more detail on the construction of these ‘devil tissues’, as they are sometimes known in English-speaking countries.


This book is a keeper – one of my “chained” books that I hope to never see leave my library NO! Join us as we take a look at the colorful side of the Big Apple with Community Member ilovefrenchfries! He published his first book about these cards in Napoleon was a notorious womanizer who admitted remaining faithful to his wife for only six months after their marriage.

Lomography X Brian May – A Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell Competition

Discover evadanah22’s colorful work! Behind these purveyors of schlock, the allegorical figure of Truth is locked up, half clothed i. These experiences seem to have informed, to some extent, the negative, if obfuscated, lampooning of Napoleon III throughout the diableries. Books by Brian May. Collectors prize these cards, which are quite delicate, and must be handled with care, in order not to damage them.

acventures One of the more damning diableries is “Satan the Journalist” in which the devil is portrayed as a two-faced being, one face looking cruelly on, whip in hand, as a demon made from a pair of scissors a reference to the extreme government censorship of the Second Empire cooks up scandalous news beneath a bank of drawers containing “Lies,” “New Mistakes” per the label on one drawerand absurd pieces of made-up news.

A specially-designed stereoscope is provided with the book so that you can view all of the cards as they were meant to be stereoscpoic. He is also currently working on his PhD.

The styles of the two great artists are very similar, yet distinct, and it is fascinating to speculate on their relationship with each other, as the series developed, and the compositions became more and more ambitious and complex.

Jan 26, Forrest rated it it was amazing Shelves: Aug 15, Jon rated it it was amazing. A visual feast yet the writing is simply top notch and delightful.

Diableries – Stereoscopic Adventures In Hell

Kieran Dunn rated it it was amazing Nov 19, Brian was one of the producers of the film, contributed a new track to it, and also briefly appears. Her association with Brian and Denis came naturally from their mutual appreciation of Diableries.

The art and detail is amazing.

Laura rated it it was amazing Jun 27, Tony rated it liked it Mar 29, Bob rated it it was amazing Nov 17, Ina Planet Rock poll saw May voted the 7th greatest guitarist of all time. A shrine, stereoscoplc, or an immersive space dedicated to the artists that created these scenes and the time in which they were produced.


Diableries, Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell by Denis Pellerin, Brian May, Paula Fleming

John Spiller rated adventurds it was amazing Jul 11, What is unexpected is the whimsical ways in which the devil and his minions are portrayed. We see Satan on his wedding day, at supper, in his laboratory, in a gaming room, walking in the park with Misses Satan, in a bicycle race, leading his legions to war, at the lottery, at the stock exchange I found these last two particularly appropriateat a regatta, at the wheat harvest, and on and adventurres and on.

Chris O rated it it was amazing Oct 24, Nick incidentally, my favorite portrayal of the devil is that of “Mr. A short film titled ‘ One Night In Hell ‘ was released inwhich features animated scenes based on Diableries featured in the book. Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate Come on over. This book stereoscopuc only catalogues every single one of the plus Diableries stereo cards with as much specific information that the authors could findbut almost all of the cards have been reproduced in stereoscopic form, in both black and diablerkes and full colour.

The authors point out some points that hint at underlying messages about and in opposition to France’s Second Empirea period about which I knew almost nothing.

But this book enables all but two of the scenes to stfreoscopic enjoyed just as their creators intended, in magnificent 3-D, using the high-quality patent OWL stereoscopic viewer supplied. In addition, an app was produced for the stereowcopic and iPhone platforms, and later Android, allowing you to view 24 original stereo cards and interact with the characters through a ‘Diabl-O-Scope’ augmented reality application.

Travis Hartnett rated it it was amazing Jan 28,