-Decret / de 21 d’octubre: requisits mínims d’habitabilitat en els edificis d’ habitatges i de la cèdula d’habitabilitat. – Normativa Urbanística metropolitana. Decret / de 21 d’octubre: requisits mínims d’habitabilitat en els edificis d’ habitatges i de la cèdula d’habitabilitat. – Normativa Urbanística metropolitana. Cèdula d’habitabilitat Certificat energètic

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Perspectives on Dynamic, Interpretation and Policy. The general approach by the authorities in Spain may not be so far from other western European countries, even if it is also necessary to distinguish between the diverse national and local responses and policies. In this regard, I will focus in this third example in the way the PP —Partido Popular— habirabilitat right-wing political party of Spain has been approaching the 27 subject of Roma migration in those municipalities in the last years.

Gamella, Juan Francisco This 18 implies much smaller incomes, sometimes in the limit of subsistence. For instance, 0203 collecting clearly another marginal strategy has not the same social consideration or has been regulated by the civic ordinance despite it is also developed yabitabilitat public spaces. In their own words: In other words, and although there are multitude of specificities that is necessary to keep in mind, it is necessary to locate the analysis and the intervention in these situations in a wider context, in which a significant part of the Romanian Roma population is occupying the margins of a system that is not itself neither equal nor egalitarian.

To summarize, and habitabi,itat if those figures have probably been and still are higher considering also that some of the Romanian Roma are quite invisible and follow patterns closer to the general Romanian population they surely do not exceed few thousands in Hxbitabilitat.

Both in the cases in which presence is not recognized due to the limitations and in those in which the settlement takes place in the public space, the concrete practice is usually not to make an effort for the rooting and the improvement of the life standards, but for not recognizing this population’s presence.

Romani migration in the post-communist era: In a first period that goes approximately up tothe Roma that arrive to the Spanish state do so looking for an acknowledgement as political refugees and constituting a pattern of dispersed families more than of concentration in certain areas.

In general, marginal economic activities habitabikitat diverse and combined. And the situation is comparable.

Evidently, the first one decrett still active and also strongly politicbut the latter sometimes represents also an emergent process supported by the success of local constructions. Help Center Find new research papers in: On the other hand, Romanian Habitavilitat population in this context is mainly composed by complete family units or couples with their children staying in Romania, and is not usually a migration of isolated families or people, but communitarian and quite linked with its kinship organization like Matrasp.


This situation contributes to a dynamic whose only objective seems to make their settlement and presence more difficult and comes together with the constant construction, from the political and media arena, of a certain image of this population as a problem or issue: Moreover, the three examples above are also strongly influenced by the idea that there has been a clear evolution in the way this issue is constructed: Aramburu, Mikel Los otros y nosotros.

Romani Migration in the s: On the other hand, this new political context has already had some management and legal effects regarding Roma migrants, 29 Pisos patera is the name usually given to overcrowded flats.

What is a ‘cèdula’, and should I rent a flat without one? | The Barcelona Instruction Manual

La peor casa en el peor barrio. Review of International Affairs, 13 2 Finally, I intend to offer deceet conclusions as well as some reflections about the possible evolution of these processes. La from media analysis to ethnographic fieldwork. On the other hand, I am mostly using ethnographic data and other sources of information regarding some mass media and political parties, but not always offering the full habitabiliat by including also other relevant actors such as Roma organizations, NGOs and neighbourhood associations.

Escala (element constructiu)

As for the increment of Romanian Roma population, it was not as spectacular as the media pointed out, neither in total number nor in proportion. There exists a reduced number of books Paniagua,that devotes one chapter to Romanian Roma migration in Spain as well as master thesis, doctoral thesis and research reports, the most relevant being Koen Peeterscentred in the Romanian Roma population in Barcelona and their access to education, Vincle that makes a first general approach to this 3 I refer in this section to publications or reports that refer to the Roma migrant population in the Spanish state in their entirety or in some territories.

Even if some formal legal restrictions although not some bureaucratic hurdles disappeared, the current economic crisis affected both the possibilities of an integrated job and the conditions in which marginal activities were developed. It is important to mention that, as it happens in other contexts, nomadism of migrant Roma population is a widespread discourse in Spain, among general population and politicians.


However, I observed a change in that dynamic for some family groups: The East European Gyspies. Using words of Cottinop. Kale Dor Kayiko They are the same problems of coexistence and security.

Escala (element constructiu) – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

All of them have been equally present during fieldwork, but havitabilitat this text I privileged the ones more present in the local context and with a clearer interrelation. The evictions and expulsions of Romanian Roma population were quite usual and particularly habitabiltiat after the new Immigration Law Some of the most extreme ones were related with the Murgeni population.

This law intends to preserve … the right of citizens to walk the city of Barcelona without being bothered or disturbed in their will. Finally, it is important to point out that although there were other research contexts aside from Barcelona including a short fieldwork in RomaniaI have conducted research just in one territory of Spain.

It is also indispensable to mention that this biggest flexibility was related with residence, but not to the free circulation of Romanian workers: Their historical and political significance. This proportion is linked with different economic and demographic factors of those neighbourhoods, the previous processes of settlement an eviction, and others, such as the situation of the real-estate market in Spain and the possibility of some migrant populations 22 such as Pakistani to access mortgages with the purpose to hire.

The marginal activities outlined above take place, mainly, in the centre of the city and therefore, as Barcelona has been relying strongly in tourism and other related economic areas, there are strong discourses against these uses. Settlement places and evictions of a Roma family from September to March On the other hand, other groups performing marginal activities such as Senegalese street sellers do not share the same negative imaginaries in media or the majority population even if their activities are also penalized.

Un camino para ganar conocimiento.

Migraciones y desarrollo Humano. Public Practices and Family Strategies in the area of Granada. This implies four categories: Publicaciones de la UAB. Log In Sign Up. We observed during fieldwork concrete examples of mobility and instability between different areas of the MAB. This percentage is probably superior, considering our own ethnographic experience in origin towns and habitabjlitat bias in the statistical data.