De Mysteriis Aegyptiorum, Chaldaeorum, Assyriorum. Small folio [ x 20 cm], ( ) ff., without initial blank, pp., without final blank. Corrected variant with. 0 ReviewsWrite review ?id=vsU7AAAAcAAJ. De Mysteriis Aegyptiorum, Chaldaeorum, Assyriorum () (Latin Edition) [ Jamblichus] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This scarce.

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The aegyptiorym, being the original cause, has preeminence over all; but the latter, being dependent upon the pleasure of the gods as from a cause, is coexistent with it from eternity.

Explore the Home Gift Guide. Home All editions This editionEnglish, Book edition: Nevertheless, it is plain that if the allotments, distributions and assignments of those that govern are arranged with those that are governed this authority will be given to the more excellent. For so this is said to be seen at the Autopsias; and they unwittingly attribute to the divinity a peculiar incident of their own ymsteriis.

For these peculiarities of beings that always exist will all be in some manner mystfriis apart, separate and simple. The names of the gods in the ancient Skythic and Euphratean languages were believed to possess some inherent virtue as well as charm.

File:Ficino, De mysteriis – Wikimedia Commons

For this would be the work of a cause far mightier than the one shutting them in and circumscribing them within certain parts. They are attributes, or qualities, of the One, personalities rather than individuals.

For if they were as habits of the bodies, or as material forms, or some other body-like quality, it might be possible aegptiorum them, perhaps, to undergo mysteriiis together with the different conditions of the bodies. As these were dramatic representations to prefigure experiences of a spiritual character, we substitute the term “drama” as more likely to afford a clearer conception of the meaning.

Visible Gods of the Sky; 3. They likewise, after a manner, cause an outgoing influence to go forth equally from the mysterii to the inferior races and a reciprocal one from subordinate races to those ranking above them.

Part I. The Gods and their peculiarities

What shall we say, then, in regard to the intermediate races? Though hardly familiar to us, it was formerly common in philosophic writings.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. AmazonGlobal Ship Mysteriiis Internationally. Religion — Philosophy myysteriis Early works to For in the case of those of composite nature, and of those that exist together with others or in others, or that are encompassed by others, some are conceived of as leading and others as following, some as being themselves essences and others as contingent upon essences.


There is then the Good: Indeed it deserves to be overturned, because it argues from the Sacred Dramas that “they are impression able.

Tags What are tags? We will now proceed to thy questions.

Iamblichus: Theurgia, or the Egyptian Mysteries

Indeed, it is preexistent both to argument and demonstration, and is united interiorly from the beginning to its own divine cause and is coexistent with the inherent longing and impulse of the soul to the Good.

The Metaphysical Publishing Co.

aegypgiorum The Chaldaean Oracles quoted by Damaskios declare that “the prolific fountain of souls is encompassed by the two Minds. Since, however, as the saying is, it is necessary to tell and examine often the things which are beautiful, we will not pass these matters by as having received sufficient answer, but by pounding away repeatedly with arguments we may perhaps get out of them all some complete and important benefit in true knowledge.

Everything, whatever it may be, and of whatever quality, that is united, that is firmly established in itself by unalterable law and is a cause among the indivisible essences mysteris that is immovable, and so is to be considered as the cause of all motion — that is superior to all things and has nothing whatever in common with them — that is to be generally considered as wholly unmingled and separate, not only in being but in power and energy — every such thing should be ascribed to the gods as being worthy of them.

By such a purpose, therefore, the gods being gracious and propitious, give forth light abundantly to the Theurgists, both calling their souls upward into themselves, providing for them union to themselves in the Chorus, 10 and accustoming them, while they are still in the body, to hold themselves aloof from corporeal things, and likewise to be led up to their own eternal and noetic First Cause.

Kysteriis, again, perceiving from the speaking of vile utterances, what is vile, they follow to the divine sources of the ideals and more beauties. It is not only the same and unalterable in the order pertaining to the gods, but because it is at myteriis same time, and in like manner, circumscribed in one boundary, it abides in this ed never goes out of it.


It certainly is not, as some imagine, an inveterate and persistent rage. Thus, in India, there are the Asceticsiva-worshippers, and the Saktas, to this day. Such being the facts, our answers are to be taken from many places and from different sources of knowledge.

I desire you further to declare plainly to me what the Egyptian Theosophers believe the First Mysterkis to be; whether Mind, mystrriis above aegyptorum and whether one alone, or subsisting with another or with several others; whether unbodied or embodied, whether the very same as the Creator of the Universe Demiurgos or prior to the Creator; also whether they likewise have knowledge respecting Primal Aegypiorum 17 or of what nature the first bodies were; and whether the Primal Matter was unoriginated, or was generated.

Login to add to list. In the mundane region it was considered as not a whole and united essence, but as divided into qualities and traits of character.

mysteris So the soul contemplates its own image as reflected in the body, and though it is itself impassible and unaffected, it may be perplexed by the incidental disturbances. Hermes is here the same as the Egyptian divinity, Thoth or Tahuti, the god of learning and medicine.

There were other distinctions in the Eastern countries, and we find Abammon, the Teacher, adding to these the archangels, angels, and archons of both the higher and lower nature.

File:Ficino, De mysteriis Aegyptiorum.jpg

For the mysteriis knowledge in respect to the gods is coexistent with our very being, and is superior to all judging and deciding aegyptiogum. This fact, therefore, I suppose, becomes the cause why many turn away to the multitude of projects. It is supplied from itself, and from the nature or feminine principle of the world, and from the abundance which is in the genesis or generative energy ; and if it is permissible to say this likewise, it receives a sufficiency before it can be in any want, through the unfailing complete supply of the world and its own ample abundance, and because all the superior races are fully supplied with the good things pertaining to them respectively.