By Wolfgang Borchert · View Translated Work ↑. Das hohle Fenster in der Da lag ein halbes Brot. Und eine Blechschachtel. Du rauchst? fragte der Mann. Europe Germany Hamburg. Wolfgang Borchert () is a German short-story writer and playwright. He is considered to be the. Die klassischen Kurzgeschichten “Das Brot” von Wolfgang Borchert und ” Saisonbeginn” von Elisabeth Langgässer: Kompetenzorientierter Unterricht, Analyse.

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I knew that right away. Er war viel kleiner als ich. But his chewing was so regular that she slowly fell asleep because of it. They saw him from far off, coming towards him, because he stuck out. He’s lying under there. In the kitchen they met. Different motifs are being used in the story.

Rats Sleep at Night

I have to stay on guard until it gets dark. Rats Sleep at Night. She breathed deeply and evenly, on purpose, so that he would not notice that she was still awake. The knife was still lying beside the plate. And then, then, fact is, my mother came in. This has nothing to do with the bombs.


I cannot allow myself to look at the plate. At night, I mean.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Das kann ich nicht sagen. You are commenting using your WordPress. She never wore shoes at night. Da sagte der Mann und seine krummen Beine waren ganz unruhig dabei: This page was last edited on 19 Juneat But as he blinked a little, he saw only two legs, clad in slightly tattered pants.

The subjects of his works are the war and postwar events, also life, often darkened by the harsh reality.

Only this here, only this is left. That was completely matter of course, I found, that she made me food at half past two at night in the kitchen. Nachts kannst du ruhig nach Hause gehen. Er lief mit seinen krummen Beinen auf die Sonne zu. Jetzt haben sie mich! Their naked feet splashed on the floor. But the man couldn’t hear him anymore. Dss kannst sie sehen. This moment could be seen analyxe a turning point in the story.


The story describes an everyday situation in post-war Germany.

The kitchen clock | The Rhino Column

Almost always at half two. And the knife wolcgang there. I mean, you’ve got to eat! December 10, Reply. Views Read Edit View history.

By doing this, he puts the bond with his wife at danger. Green rabbit food, flecked grey with dust. Maybe you could have picked one out for yourself.

I’m just off to feed my rabbits now, and when it gets dark, I’ll come back and pick you up. Stimmt, sagte der Mann, und genau soviel Kaninchen habe ich. Almost 12 months on from Maidan… Destruction of Ukraine — But she said that every time. They don’t talk about what happened and a perplexed conversation takes place. But it still looks like it always did. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.