The aim of this article was to analyze and compare press articles from Trybuna Ludu (Pol. People’s Tribune, the official media outlet of PZPR (Polish United. plwiki Czerwoni Khmerzy; ptwiki Khmer Vermelho; rowiki Khmerii Roșii; ruwiki Красные кхмеры itwikiquote Khmer Rossi; plwikiquote Czerwoni Khmerzy. Siedlec Bogdaniec with map, topos, photos and more.

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It is being followed khmetzy proclaiming them as an inert tool of the Chinese expansion. Abstract The aim of this article was to analyze and compare press articles from Trybuna Ludu Pol. In this case the ideological issues were secondary and depended on the needs of first-rate political propaganda goals of the socialistic countries bloc led by the Soviet Union, which led to the discreditation of the official media outlet of PZPR.

dzerwoni Eventually, communist regime of Pol Pot contributed to the death of millions of Cambodians who were subjected to political killings and suffered from diseases, widespread hunger and slave labor. Despite implementation of the isolationist doctrine, even such reclusive country conducted its own foreign policy and maintained contacts with the outside world.


Historia Kambodży – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

In Cambodia’s pro-American government of general Lon Nol was overthrown, and the power was took over by a marxist guerilla called Khmer Rouge. The paper is mainly concerned with relations between Cambodia and the group of particular countries which include the most important state actors in the region of South-East Asia, the closest allies of Pol Pot’s regime and significant third states.

Foreign policy of Democratic Kampuchea between and In spite of having verified information about the introduced terror and the openly anti-Soviet intentions of Pol Pot and other leaders of Cambodian communists, the official media outlet of PZPR kept portraying them in explicitly positive light.

The Semantics of Revolutionary Change: JavaScript is turned off in your web browser. As a result of upheaval, the cities’ dwellers were exiled to the countryside to begin a new life in consonance with the conception of self-sufficiency and moral revival.


Polityka zagraniczna Demokratycznej Kampuczy w latach The authors that used to publish their commentaries and inform the public about current events treated the situation of Cambodia as an analogy to the situation of Vietnam: The authors feared breaking the image that was accepted earlier.

This article is related to the question of international relations of Democratic Kampuchea between and Turn it on to take full advantage of this site, then refresh the page.

The analysis was done in terms of interdependence between the propaganda and ideological values that used to be in force in the Soviet Bloc.