Prędzej czy później musisz poznać czasowniki złożone w języku angielskim. Phrasal Verbs “frejzale” z nami to przyjemność. Nauka online z ćwiczeniami. Szczegóły: Nadrzędna kategoria: Nauka słówek angielskich: Kategoria: Angielskie phrasal verbs – czasowniki frazowe. AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to. get away. Szczegóły: Nadrzędna kategoria: Nauka słówek angielskich: Kategoria : Angielskie phrasal verbs – czasowniki frazowe. AddThis Sharing Buttons.

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Reporters banged away at the president during the press conference. She acted on his advice. He is out to get you. Live it up – Have a good time by spending a lot of money Live off – Use money earned Live on – Use money for basic necessities – Not be forgotten Live out – Stay somewhere until you die – Fulfill an ambition or fantasy – Not live at the place where you study or work Live through – Experience different times Live together – Have a relationship and live in the same place without marrying Live up to – Meet expectations or standards Live with – Accept something unpleasant – Have a relationship and live in the same place without marrying Load down – Burden Load up – Take illegal drugs – Fill a machine or vehicle Load up on – Consume a lot of something for a particular purpose Lock up – Close all doors, windows, etc.

Prawda o roku I bent over to tie my shoe.


Ta funkcja wymaga zalogowania. You’d better watch out. She’s been buzzing around trying to find the book.

Mark off – Tick, cross out or otherwise mark something to show that it has been dealt with Mark out – Draw lines to enclose an area Mark out for – Show promise for the future Mark out from – Stand out because of certain qualities Mark up – Increase the price of something Marry in – Marry someone of the same ethnicity, religion, etc Marry out – Marry someone of a different ethnicity, religion, etc Mash up – Crush something until it becomes a paste – Mix sources of audio, video or other computer sources.

Wanna come with us? They are off for the whole summer.

Kategoria:phrasal verbs

They are bubbling over with excitement. The TV is acting up again. After a long discussion we finally manged to arrive at an agreement.

Czaskwniki is angling for your heart. The test is tomorrow. The radio is off. Her allergies acted up again. They will answer for their deeds. Security has been beefed up after the explotion.

Get over – Recover Angieelski over with – Do something unpleasant rather than delaying it any more Frazwe round around to – Finally manage to do something Get round or around – Persuade someone Get through – Contact – Consume – Finish Get through to – Make someone understand Get to – Annoy, irritate – Arrive Get together – Meet socially Get up – Get out of bed – Organise Get up to – Do something wrong or naughty Give away – Entrust your daughter to her husband through the marriage ceremony – Tell a secret Give back – Return something you’ve borrowed Give in – Stop doing something because it’s too hard or requires too much energy – Submit homework, etc.


These figures don’t add up right. They block up our way to the garage. When the plane took off it was too czasownili to back off. I bent down to tie my shoe.

Polish Book FISZKI Czasowniki FRAZOWE – Angielski Polska

Get off with – Have casual sex with Get on – Continue doing something – Enter a bus, train, plane, etc. Having spent a day in jail, Tom was bailed out by his parents.

Do you want to talk to her? The kids belted up in czasownikk seats and waited for me to start the car. We were taken aback by the stupid look on his face.

Test z angielskiego: Phrasal verbs – czasowniki frazowe cz. 2

They both were in on our plan. The refugee ached for his homeland. She asked me in for coffee. Strona bierna – passive voice, krok po kroku komentarze: Pole wymagane Niepoprawny adres e-mail. They backed up my story. They are well off.