Cuora amboinensis (Riche in Daudin ) – Southeast Asian Box Turtle. Sabine Schoppe1 and Indraneil Das2. 1Katala Foundation Inc., P.O. Box , Puerto. The Southeast Asian Box Turtle, Cuora amboinensis (Family and continental Southeast Asia); and 4) Cuora amboinensis lineata McCord. Geographic Range. Malayan box turtles are found only in lowland tropical rainforest areas of Southeast Asia. Four subspecies of Cuora amboinensis occupy.

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Mammals, reptiles and amphibians in the Nature Reserves of Singapore – diversity, abundance and distribution. Mating occurs in the water. Individuals considering a Cuora amboinensis as a pet should keep in mind that it is a tropical, non-hibernating species who needs much warmer water about 82 degrees F than many other semi-aquatic species.

Emys couro SchweiggerTerrapene bicolor Bell distribution: However, illegal trade still poses a significant problem, for example, Hong Kong documented an illegal import in of over 10, specimens 7.

Generally, males posses a slightly more concave plastron, longer, thicker tails, and larger claws when mature. Cuora amboinensis kamaroma from Nicobar Islands, India.

Also known as Malayan box turtle. MyARKive offers the scrapbook feature to signed-up members, allowing you to organize your cuota Arkive images and videos and share them with friends. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. The carapace of an adult Asian box turtle is highly domed, with a medial craniocaudal keel that tends to disappear with age.

Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group » Cuora amboinensis,

They reach sexual maturity after four to five years and have a life expectancy of between 25 and 30 years 5. They ambpinensis omnivorous, with younger turtles tending towards more meat consumption and older turtles eating amblinensis more herbivorous diet.


Chinese three-striped box turtle Cuora trifasciata. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 4: Stuart, amboinnesis Thomas R. I feed them land Helyx spp. If you are able to help please contact: A field guide to the reptiles of Thailand. Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington D. New arrivals should be taken to a reptile veterinarian soon after procurement for a fecal exam and to treat for internal parasites, if necessary.

Cuora amboinensis can be quite difficult to breed in captivity, compared with other box turtles. Retrieved from ” https: Turtles of the World. Cuttlebones are always present in both the outdoor and indoor enclosures.

South Asian box turtle videos, photos and facts – Cuora amboinensis | Arkive

Authentication This information is awaiting authentication by a species expert, and will be updated as soon as possible. Juvenile Asian box turtles are very similar in appearance to the adults, though they have a flattened carapace with three prominent keels.

Scute A large, bony plate or scale on the upper or lower shell of a turtle. This is likely to contribute to the low reproductive rate of box turtles. The species lays 1—4 large 24—34 x 44—57 mm eggs zmboinensis masses of 14— Positive Cuora amboinensis are a very popular species of turtle for the pet trade because of their hardiness and current availability; however, this species and many other asian box turtles are being over-exploited at an alarming rate.

Four maboinensis of Cuora amboinensis occupy zmboinensis areas within this region. Cuora amboinensis is strongly omnivorous in nature, feeding on a wide variety of vegetation and prey, including insects, aquatic invertebrates, small fishes, amphibians and other small prey that it is able to capture.


Tortoises, terrapins, and turtles: Unfortunately, this has often led to pet Cuoras being incorrectly housed in terrestrial habitats.

Photo by Davide Carlino Outdoor enclosure for Asian box turtles. This page requires javascript.

Asian Box Turtle Care Tips And Breeding Notes

Amboinwnsis this image — Hide sharing options. The male can be identified by the slightly concave shape to its plastron. In the water, I also provide my Asian box turtles with chicory Cichorium intybusdandelion Taraxacum officinalecommon sowthistle Sonchus oleraceuswatercress, water hyacinth, water lettuce and water amboinenais.

Cuora amboinensis achieves fertilization internally by means of copulation between sexes. On some new species freshwater tortoises from North America, Ceylon and Australia.

Herping The Peruvian Amazon Rainforest.

The main threat to this species, like other box turtles, is over-collection for the food and pet trade. Species of the family Geoemydidae. Wild turtles of Indonesia: An ecological note on the new record of Cuora amboinensis Riche in Daudin, Reptilia: Other common names include Malaysian box turtle, Celebes box turtle, Indonesian box turtle, water box turtle, Siamese box turtle, Vietnamese box turtle, Java box turtle, and Southeast Asian box turtle.