It is CSI’s recommended organization of information within an individual specification section. The consistency introduced by following SectionFormat promotes. About CSI: The Construction Specifications Institute is a professional association MasterFormat,™ SectionFormat™, PageFormat™, UniFormat™, National. Enter CSC/CSI SectionFormat. SectionFormat subscribes to the theory all requirements found in a specification can be organized into one of.

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Two-em indentation spacing should be the minimum indentation. Refer to the “Quality Assurance” Article for field samples and mock-ups, which are related to workmanship. Scratch Coat or Leveling Bed: MasterFormat Division titles sectiomformat in the table of contents of a Project Manual as an organizational device and should not be repeated in the specification section headings or within the body of the specifications. Srctionformat preferred location for the page numbers is at the unbound edge in the header or footer.

Submit for each type of product specified. One or more statements addressing a particular subject. Compatibility and Adhesion Test Reports: See Legend on PF. Never split a row in a table between two pages. Headers and footers can include either project information or spec section information, but should not include both. An example of a special procedure that might require a submittal is construction staging or phasing for remodeling an existing facility while keeping it in operation e.

State the actual quantity or cash amounts in Division If the Contractor may choose from more than one mutually exclusive option in this Section, describe how the Contractor must choose.

Describe condition of existing work subject to reworking or modification. Describe special procedures for incorporating products.

Recommended Exceptions to PageFormat On sectionforamt where scrolling is not an available method of navigation, specification sections should be displayed as noncontinuous pages the same as if they were printed pages. Despite the advantages of this addressing scheme, it is only effective when referring to static, completed documents.


Usage, application, and meaning of these terms varies regionally, as well as between the various Standard Contracts. In sections with simple submittal requirements, grouping all submittals under this single Article may be acceptable. Projects utilizing Unit Prices should use this Article rather than create a non-standard Part. An example cxi packaging waste management requirements would secctionformat the reuse and return of pallets, crates, padding, and packaging materials to the manufacturers of systems furniture or furnishings.

If a smaller font and narrow page margins are preferred, consider using a two-column format to reduce the amount of characters on a line. Drawings and general provisions of Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and Division 1 specification sections shall apply to work of this section. sectiknformat

These statements drew considerable discussion from the group. This guide specification is intended for use when specifying. Specifying systems and assemblies in a single article may create a deep outline structure within a section, a condition that PageFormat indicates should be avoided.

Each Part contains one or more Articles. They also agreed that industry accepted good practice is the main reason for the expectation. Many computer-generated formats display continuous pages.

SectionFormat/ PageFormat. The Recommended Format for Construction Specifications Sections – PDF

These tools should sectionfprmat used where available but not as a substitute for the PF. Operation and Maintenance Data Describe submittal of operation and maintenance data necessary for the work of the section. Both “Action Submittals” and “Informational Submittals” may be used. Part, Article, or paragraph titles on the bottom line of a page orphans ; Paragraphs, subparagraphs, or lists with sectiofnormat one line on the bottom of a page orphans ; Paragraphs, subparagraphs, or lists with one line continued on the top of the next page widow ; and Large blocks of text on a page without appropriate breaks or subdivisions.

Mere inclusion of a standard in this list does not necessarily require compliance with that sectionfomrat. Underlining text should be avoided according to PageFormat. Powered by Higher Logic.


SectionFormat/ PageFormat. The Recommended Format for Construction Specifications Sections

This Article may be used to include final cleaning or building flush-out of sustainable products that are required to meet specific regulatory requirements or design criteria. Either black-on-white or white-on-black or another dark color is ideal. The text of a typical page should be orderly, neatly cwi by margins, and arranged to avoid widows and orphans. Design based on products manufactured by The Fountain Experts 2.

If legal advice or other expert assistance is desired, the services of a competent professional advisory should be sought. Mortar for concrete unit masonry. If necessary, consider whether the readability can be improved by other devices.

If a single manufacturer list is applicable to all products in the section, use “Manufacturers” as a primary Article title and include only one “Manufacturers” Article in the section. Four extra cartridge fuses for high-voltage Panelboards B. Applications to electronic media are discussed as variations. Record drawing, with dimensions, indicating locations of electrical conduit in floor slab.



Owner’s requirements for scheduling milestones, interim completion, and similar items may also be specified here. Divisions form the framework for project specifications. Each new section should begin on a right-hand page and begin with page number 1. The organization of Article titles is not intended to provide a strict structure within a Part, but simply offer a checklist of possible Articles for consideration.

Secfionformat requirements for field testing for quality assurance. One part portland cement to 3 parts sand.

Fiduciary Duty for Design Professionals — an Introduction.