Get the guaranteed best price on Live Power Amplifiers like the Crown Blem XLS D Power Amp at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price and free shipping on. So check out the affordable, Crown XLS Series. They are a powerful argument for quality and value! • Crown model XLS D • Power output (stereo mode). Crown XLS D Power Amplifier Specifications: PerformanceSensitivity (volts RMS) for full rated power at 4 ohms: V Frequency Response (at 1 watt)

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Please login or register. I need a little help deciding between two amplifiers.

Crown Audio XLSD W Power Amplifier | RK Audio

I’m looking for a small power amp. I’ve narrowed down to two amps within my budget range: I haven’t much experience with either but both amps are the same price and deliver about the same performance on the spec sheet. Some of the guys at guitar center were telling me that a lot of their friends who own peavey amps, over the years will experience wiring problems such as loose connections, jacks etc.

Has anyone else ever had these problems? My biggest concern is dependability.

I want something that will last me for many years. I will most likely be using 8 ohms stereo. Here are some specs: That was the first amp I ever owned.

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It doesn’t look as “pro” as some amps, but it seemed to work fine. I had to bridge-mono it using a specially-made XLR Y-cable and taking my output from the two center binding posts to get enough power for my purposes, but I never had a problem with it.

Crown XLSD – Sale & Repair South Africa – Mercury Music

It just wasn’t powerful enough for me. I’m croqn they may have changed some features with the D line: It seems to be a good enough value. I would look for more answers here, and also read around online. Some reviewers don’t have a clue, but some do and can at least give an idea of how the amp really performs.

Crown XLS-202 2 Channel Amplifier

Oh, also, the fan isn’t very quiet; it’s not like a jet engine, but it’s definitely noticeable, FWIW. Also, I might as well add that you might look into the Yamaha P series amps if we’re going to give suggestions like Evan did. I have a PS and it’s great; I’m pretty sure the P or might do the job for you, I don’t remember their specs.

Why do I need cymbal overheads? I’ll cfown use SM58s on the vocals. Xls202f Kirkendall wrote on Wed, 21 November Evan I have an rmx It was my first power amp I bought.

How much do you want it for? I’m borrowing a Mackie i to power my Behringer Monitors Find us on the web at: I have a bunch of other stuff too. Matthew Spinks Newbie Offline Posts: Thanks, I’ll definitely consider the yamaha amps. As long as its about the same price range. The price range varies, it depends on where you look. Try all the major websites, as well as ebay. Also, you might want to consider Matt Viv’s offer for the RMX, as that’s a very well-liked reliable amplifier line.


Evan You mean the xls202f with basically the same guts as the Peaveybut no passive xover, less power, and more money? I’m a long-time happy QSC owner, and concur you won’t go wrong with Evan’s suggestion if you can find one on sale in the same price range. A used one should be a safe bet, and a new one comes with that great QSC warranty. Same features as the PV, plus no snide “Peavey Crkwn comments from the gear snobs.

It was his only defense. I heard a lot a people say good things about the QSC amps. Think I’m probably leaning in that direction.

Thanks for the help. I will have to look into that some.