Contagious is a science fiction thriller novel by Scott Sigler. It is the sequel to Sigler’s Infected, and like its predecessor was released in both podcast and print . Read by Scott Sigler. ( stars; reviews). From the acclaimed author of Infected comes an epic and exhilarating story of humanity’s secret battle against a. From the acclaimed author of Infected comes an epic and exhilarating story of humanity’s secret battle against a horrific enemy. Across America.

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If you love sci fi and thrillers, this is a great series to read. Carl Sagan Day Moon bounce Uwingu wants you to submit names for their planetary baby book Sgiler closer: I’ll be jumping over to check out his two intergalactic sports novels, The Rookie and the Starter next, and I’m looking forward to the next installments in both the Infected and Ancestor series.

So I wouldn’t mind This is what called as “A Thriller”, this kind of books make us want to contagios more than watch some squeezed out movie based on some books.

And how about the great city of Detroit?

Contagious by Scott Sigler | : Books

Nocturnal — a San Francisco police detective battles monsters, mobsters, corrupt xigler, a vigilante and his own nightmares that are all somehow connected. Contagious was just as good, if not better. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Dec 30, Minutes Buy. The characters return and are less likable, believable, and interesting than before.

The only problem is that he gives every character the same voice. We’re talking 1st graders. The voices are back. Die Bedrohung weitet sich aus, wird intelligenter und schlimmer und ein actiongeladenes, brutales Katz- und Mausspiel beginnt. Two of my favorite lines: His imagination is superb, books are real page turners and he always do his home works well.

Luckily, he is a hell of writer and reminds me of a young Stephen King in that the further you get into the story the harder it is to put the book down. Loved It 5 stars.


Bad Astronomy

The second book in the Infected trilogy finds Dew Phillips, grizzled CIA operative, along with Scary Perry Dawsey, survivor of the alien contagion from the first novel, working with government agents and CDC doctors in a desperate race to prevent the contagion from spreading and opening a gate for something far deadlier to emerge into our world.

I felt that this novel was not as gory or shocking as the first novel in the series but it was more scientific and technical in explaining what was occurring.

I mean, the protagonists drop a nuclear bomb on Detroit! The novel Infected was the first, it introduced the characters that are in Contagious, and the action takes place mere weeks after Infected ended.

Contagious (novel) – Wikipedia

Here, everything is kept at Science which is good, at least the reader is not stuck with having to go back to their college notes. This time the stakes are even higher. Margaret calls an old friend.

However, unlike in a Dean Koontz book where the bad guys are awesome enough to make up for how insufferable the good guys are, the bad guys are kind of ridiculous.

If you believe this to be in error, please check if the publisher’s feed link below is valid and contact support to request the feed be restored or if you have any other concerns about scoyt. Alongside them is Margaret Montoya, a brilliant epidemiologist who fights for a cure even as she reels under the weight of endless horrors.


More supporting characters appear, including a newly-inaugurated president and his Chief of Staff, the idealistic Vanessa Colbourn. This novel delves into the science of xenotransplantation, the problems associated with it, and how one companies attempts to avoid those well documented pitfalls ends in utter disaster. There’s often the danger when you have a fantastic grabbing first novel in a trilogy that the follow up sequel will be unable to match the level of the first, or worse, a total let down.

My advise is start with infected and move onto this one as its actually the second book in the series but if you do start here its written well enough to pick up all you need to know.


Some creative soul made a trailer for the book. Maybe it’s because I have a 6 year old myself, and he happens to not be a sociopath. When I first read it four years ago, I was going through an “edgy stage” or so I thought by reading Palahiniuk novels almost exclusively. Michael Crawford Overall Average Rating: I really admired the different approach Mr. While the invading triangles themselves were the antagonists in the first book, it’s a host that they infect and attempt to manipulate that becomes the main baddie in the second book.

Bad things keep happening to the good guys and you wonder how they are going to get out of it. Hell, the aliens and their main host are the most developed and interesting characters in the novel! Aliens are invading Earth, spreading seeds that germinate on the human body and develop into blue Triangles. I also really loved the relationship that develops between the two protagonists. The hunt is on for Clan Jewell, another power shift shakes up the playing field, and the infected begin flocking to sweet lil’ Chelsea.

The same players are back for more punishment in Contagious: Maybe we’ll see some more consequences in the next book, but I won’t hold my breath. The other reasons I did not enjoy the novel quite as much have to do with the ending and I won’t state them here. Suffice it to say, I would recommend both books but the first siglrr the best.

Just like Infected, Scott Sigler produced a novel that had me racing through the paging just wondering if Margaret and her team were ever going to get the upper hand on the virus which was plaguing the country.

If you have not checked it out yet December 16, at 8: