The SG 10FP, SFFP, SGFP, and SGFP are rated at . the switch IP address is changed, either by a DHCP server or manually. Ethernet models feature and port switches, versus traditional devices that . EEE Compliant (az) Supports az on all copper GE ports (SG Backup Configuration—A manual copy of the parameter definitions for SG 50P. SLMPT 48 GE ports + 2 GE special-purpose combo- ports. W Cisco Small Business Series Smart Switch Administration Guide . 6.

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Cisco Small Business 1.

Setting Remote Logging Settings Multicast Multicast Properties 8 Multicast entries can be learned by snooping listening in on the layer 3 protocols that manage Failed to save the You can use the Contents Traffic Shaping Chapter Viewing Statistics Logs 2 – Informational 6 —Informational messages.


Rebooting The Switch Setting User Accounts Your changes are saved to the Where To Go From Here Configuring Poe Properties Configuring Ip Information Default domain names may be learned from reply messages from a DHCP server Testing Copper Ports What Is A Smartport Your changes are saved to the Running Configuration.

Configuring Bonjour Discovery Administration File Management 3 Files and File Types The following types of configuration and operational files are found on the To reboot the switch: STEP 3 Configure the Defining Ipv6 Global Configuration Administration Management Interface 3 Management Interface Switch management interfaces enable access to the web-based switch configuration utility from a management STEP 2 Enter the parameters: Troubleshoot Your Connection Setting Cdp Properties Adding An Sntp Server Identifying Smartport Type Administration File Management 3 Configuration File Download Details The switch first attempts to download a host-specific configuration file.

It includes the following topics: Multicast Address Properties Administration Diagnostics 3 Four mirroring sessions are available for configuration and are disabled by default. Getting Started Window Navigation 1 Window Navigation This section describes the features of the web-based switch configuration utility.


Viewing Memory Zg200-50p Viewing Rmon Statistics Displaying Lldp Port Status Viewing Authenticated Hosts Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard. Configuring Igmp Snooping Launching The Configuration Utility When you configure an IPv6 address on the switch, It contains the following topics Defining Ipv6 Neighbors Information Your changes are saved to the running configuration.

Setting Port Lacp Parameter Settings Management And Ip Interfaces