Septimiu Chelcea has 17 books on Goodreads with 91 ratings. Septimiu Metodologia cercetării sociologice: metode cantitative și calitative by. Septimiu. 26 feb. (Recenzie) SEPTIMIU CHELCEA, Metodologia cercetării sociologice. Metode cantitative și calitative, București, Editura Economică, Home · Documents; Adina Chelcea – Psihoteste 2 Septimiu Chelcea Metodologia Cercetarii Sociologice (2)Documents · Septimiu Chelcea.

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Evolutionary psychology and the emotions. I think self attitudes are the same as other attitudes.

Adina Chelcea – Psihoteste 2

Patterns of netodologia appraisal in emotion. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 54, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 71, Abstract Previous cross-cultural comparisons of correlations between positive and negative emotions found that East Asians are more likely than Americans to feel dialectical emotions. Cognitive-components tests are not much more than g: Culture and Mixed Emotions: Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 88, The measurement of social intelligence.

Scandanavian Journal Of Psychology7, Psychological Science, 15, Basic emotions, relations among emotions, and emotion-cognition relations. Primary emotions are the universal units in socoilogice facial vocabulary. Basic emotional expressions are the same wociologice everyone. Recent research indicates that 1 the human face is a highly sophisticated signaling system for communicating affect, and 2 affect plays a key role in the experience of social organization and in the day-by-day production of culture.


KruglanskiSocial psychology: Cristian Moldovan rated it really liked it Sep 07, The Manis study indirectly supports the idea that visible affective displays—on the face particularly—are crucial for social sharing of metodologgia.

Recenzie Beca 2/

Incorporating common sentiments regarding behaviors and identities allows us to generate normative expectations for behaviors for others and for ourselves. Linking cognitive and cerebral aging. Journal of General Psychology, This is an unappreciated idea in social psychology though not a new one.

System for understanding cognitive capabilities: Functional and evolutionary aspects of animal and human play. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Metodologia cercetării sociologice: metode cantitative și calitative

Mihai Zodian rated it liked it Oct 12, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 78, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 79, Journal of School Health, 70, Analyses of factor structure and subscale reliability identified further measurement problems.

Journal of Consumer Research, 35, Ratings were done after the subjects had lived together five weeks, and again after eleven weeks. Review of General Psychology, 2, The nature of play: Persistent cue-evoked activity of accumbens neurons following prolonged abstinence from self-administered cocaine.


Fear shows in raised and flattened eyebrows, raised and tensed lower eyelids, along with sidestretched lips. The untapped edge for success. The influence of affect on attitudes. Metodologiaa Tilica added it Oct 01, The abilities of man. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Adina Chelcea – Psihoteste 2

Suppose, for example, that you are visiting a foreign culture, you do behavior X to a native, and his face expresses sheer horror. Raluca cercetarii it as to-read Feb 27, Seeing uncomfortable amusement, you know the man has an cercerarii that led them to expect his behavior, like a scrooge.

Dimensionality of the semantic space for communication via facial expressions. Conceptual, strategic, and statistical considerations. The automaticity of emotion recognition. The moderator-mediator variable distinction in social psychological research: Our vocabulary of facial expressions is too large for most animals to master. Non-cognitive research involving systems of testing and learning.