1 review for The Misted Cliffs by Catherine Asaro. Dolragon89 says: This is the other book i told you about in my Charmed Sphere review but i love it all the. One generation after war had nearly destroyed three nations, evil was returning. The promise of peace rested on Mel Dawnfield’s noble vow: to marry Cobalt the. The Misted Cliffs, July by Catherine Asaro Luna Featuring: Princess Melody Dawnfield; Cobalt the Dark pages. ISBN:

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It didn’t bother me too much, but I can see how this could get out of hand if the author gets even bolder in the next books. Mel is a likeable enough lead who is trapped into marrying Cobalt, the Midnight Prince, son of the would-be conqueror from the first book.

Visit her at www. I don’t yet know the title of the third book in the trilogy, but no doubt it will bring us even deeper into this world where love and magic are intertwined.

Cobalt the Dark is a man at war within himself. Other books in the series. Feb 10, Manda rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mar 31, Jarizza rated it liked it.

The Misted Cliffs by Catherine Asaro | LibraryThing

I will probably pick up the third cliffz to see how things go. The good people are generally Good with a capital G, and the bad ones are Evil.

Twists, turns, and intrigue. As a result, this story just became one big glob of been-there-done-that-better. Asaro at her writing best. This review is for the audible version: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Gifted with mage powers, Mel Dawnfield, in order to restore peace to the world of Aronsdale, must marry Cobalt the Dark, the heir to a family rife with cruelty and brutality, and, as enemies draw nearer, she must uncover the light hidden in her husband’ssoul to conquer the darkness. For Cobalt, whose drive to conquer is as deep as his fear of the violent streak he’s inherited from his grandsire, Mel’s fliffs, humor, beauty and strength brings joy.


The Misted Cliffs

I also appreciated that Mel’s love for him and his love for Mel did not conquer all – he was too busy conquering other countries.

Steph Mar 14, I didn’t like the romance between Cobalt clkffs Mel–a little bit too Beauty and the Beast for me but overall I enjoyed it a lot more than the first in the series.

He longs for the approval of his father. The first, Diamond Star, is the soundtrack for her novel of the same name, performed with the rock band, Point Valid. Mar 28, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: While much of the kingdom feels that Cobalt is evil, Mel learns that he’s only cafherine by his own inner demons and the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that stand before him. Cobalt, on the other hand, is tormented both by the loss of his father to exile and by the abuse of his brutal grandfather.

Just a moment while we sign you in to xatherine Goodreads account. Google Books — Loading The thing I didn’t understand was all the talk about heirs and raising children between Cobalt and Varqelle. The first thing I noticed was cstherine the sex scenes were more graphic. Which would be fine, if he were 16 years old.

Dec 26, Julia rated it liked it.

It would’ve been difficult to read this book without having the first one under your belt, but I do think that the author spun this tale a little better than the first one. Varquelle Escar was once the king of Harsdown. A solid, readable fantasy. Deposed kings, sword and sorcery, magic and spells, kings and queens, dark-hearted rulers and self-sacrificing princesses, all combine to make this story one of the best. To ask other readers questions about The Misted Cliffsplease sign up.


I had no clue this was the second book in cathherine series and nothing hinted that there had been a first book when I read it.

What I found more interesting, however, was Cobalt. She knew and battled his faults. Cobalt is still walking a fine line between mistde and dark at ssaro end of the novel and while he’s shifted that edge, it hasn’t vanished. I find myself very unsatisfied at the end of each book thus far. Catherine Asaro is a talented and highly respected author. Like her parents, Mel is a sphere mage, although clifs is still coming into her powers.

I was a little disappointed with her by the e An enjoyable sequel to The Charmed Sphere, this follows Chime and Muller’s daughter, Melody. She is, in fact, perfect in every way. It was an enjoyable read where sacrifice sometimes wasn’t as a horrible as it’s made out to be. The requested product is unavailable. Open Preview Miwted a Problem?

It’s Christmastime, but not everyone is jolly Cobalt and Melody are the hero and heroine of this book. Right dose of magic, romance, and conquest. Varquelle and Cobalt, however, are not satisfied in their desire for conquest.

Cobalt proposes, instead, to marry Melody, princess of Harsdown.