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The original publication was formatted to print out as a brochure. We have reformatted the information to facilitate easier reading – including bookmarks. However, the following module will facilitate a linear approach to learning.

This is not a “short” module. It is our hope that if you are a Principal Investigator for a government contract that involves classified information that you will work directly with the official Grants and Contracts Representative for your contract and with the NMSU Facility Security Officer.

You can use this module to understand your current DD or to learn how to collaborate and make appropriate recommendations for a new buisiness opportunity with the government. The DD Form provides to the contractor or a subcontractor the security requirements and the classification guidance that would be necessary to perform on a classified contract.

It contains step by step procedures for the filling out of the form. The instructions in the main body of the pamphlet correspond to the numbered items in the form.

The back section of the pamphlet provides dd2254 information related to the requirements for classified contracts, access considerations and terms and definitions. This training module provides you with additional information that might be the basis for additional training and security awareness discussions with your team members.

Dd254 Form

If you should conduct additional security training, please document the training with our security team. Additionally, if you would like to conduct specialized or specific training for members of your team, please contact Chris Scott directly or submit a request for Security Training. You can fill out a request for security training by choosing the form linked in the sidebar of this module.

You are required to collaborate with the office of Grants and Contracts to prepare a proposal and costing for a government-sponsored contract that will include a DD Remember to include costing for required security training and education for your personnel when developing costing for contracts associated with classified information.

Consider the following minimum requirements: Before a GCA or Prime Contractor issues a solicitation for a classified contract a determination should be made as to whether or not access to classified will be required during the solicitation process. If access is not required during the solicitation process: Prospective contractors do not have to possess facility clearances to bid on the solicitation.

Only the successful bidder will be required to have a facility clearance and that will not be necessary until the contract is awarded. If access is required during the solicitation process: All prospective contractors must possess the appropriate facility clearance and safeguarding capability in order to access the solicitation package. To determine the current clearance status of all prospective contractors, contact the DSS Central Verification Activity at or log on to the DSS web site www.

If any of the prospective contractors do not have the appropriate facility clearance, contact DSS and furnish, in writing, appropriate information needed to sponsor the clearance. The Security Agreement DDexecuted between the government and all cleared facilities under the NISP, obligates the Government to provide the contractor appropriate classification guidance for the protection of the classified information, furnished to or generated by, the contractor in the performance of a classified contract.


Contract Security Classification Specification

The Government fulfills this obligation blahk incorporating a “Security Requirements Clause” and a DD in each classified contract. The “clause” ddd254 the contract as a “classified contract” and the DD provides classification guidance. The DD is a contractual specification. It is as important as any other specification in a contract. It is the vehicle that provides the contractor with the security classification guidance necessary for the classified information to be received and generated under the contract.

It was developed as a contractual document to capture in bank place all of the security requirements for a classified contract. By checking the blocks for the preprinted items on the DDthe issuer provides the contractor with a brief summary of the security requirements that apply to the contract.

The following sections of this module will itemize the requirements for balnk and populating a DD Insert the highest level of facility dd24 required for the contractor to perform on the contract. Insert the highest level of safeguarding capability required for the contractor to perform on the contract. Individual items of the DD are displayed for illustration purposes in accompaniment to the text.

They are not intended to represent a cumulative DD Insert an “X” into the appropriate box. Although information may be entered in more than vd254 box, only one “X” should appear in Item ddd254. The issuing activity enters the contract number. The contractor issuing the subcontract enters the subcontract number. The prime contract number must also be entered in 2a.

The issuing activity enters the solicitation number and the date by which bids are due. Although information may be entered in more than one box, only one “X” should appear in Item 3. Give a sequential number to each revision and enter the date of the Revised DD Complete Item 5 as appropriate.

A Follow-On Contract is a contract that is let to the same contractor or subcontractor for the same item or services as a preceding contract. When this condition exists, mark “Yes” and enter the preceding contract number in the space provided. This item authorizes the contractor o r subcontractor to transfer material received or generated under the preceding contract rd254 the new contract. The material transferred should be reflected in Item If the work is to be performed at a location other than specified in Item dv254 or 7a, as appropriateenter information as follows:.

If inspections will be conducted by an organization other than the CSO, complete Item Enter a short, concise, and unclassified description of the procurement action. The action could be research, development, production, study, services, etc. Coordinate with the appropriate program and other security offices to ensure the proper types of access are imposed on the contractor or subcontractor.

Understanding the DD

An explanation of each item follows. If intelligence information must be accessed, the GCA is responsible for ensuring that the additional security requirements outlined in various DCI Directives are incorporated in the guidance provided to the contractor.

Prior approval of the GCA is required before a subcontract ddd254 access to Intelligence Information can be issued. When SAP information is involved, the Program Security Office of the GCA is responsible for providing the contractor with the additional security requirements needed to ensure adequate protection of the information.

The additional requirements would be included in the contract document itself or Item 13 or both. Complete Item 15 as appropriate.

If a SAP subcontract is awarded, it is the prime contractor’s responsibility to incorporate the additional security requirements in the subcontract. This item includes any foreign government information except NATO.


Mark “YES” if applicable. This is no longer a valid program and you should not have any new documents or contracts reflecting this caveat. Until the DD is revised, this block should be marked “NO. This item may be applicable on some classified contracts. When this item is marked “YES,” the GCA is responsible for providing the contractor with the safeguards necessary for the protection of the information.

Use this item for any other information not included in 10a through 10j. Specify the type of information and include any additional remarks in Item Coordinate with program and other security offices to ensure the appropriate controls are imposed on the contractor or subcontractor. Mark “YES” when access or storage of classified information is not required at the contractor’s facility. Mark “YES” when the contractor will receive classified documents instead of classification guides in order to perform on the contract but is not expected to generate classified information.

The classification markings shown on the documents received will provide the classification guidance necessary. In order to afford flexibility for such situations, the following annotation may be added in Item If the volume or configuration of the documents is such that specialized storage requirements are necessary, contact the CSO to verify storage capacity at the contracting facility.

If this item is marked “YES,” detailed security classification guidance must be provided. The guidance may be:. Appropriate statements may be included in Item 13 to direct the contractor to the guidance for the contract. Mark “YES” if the contractor is expected to generate or utilize hardware containing classified. Include as much information as possible additional information can be added in Item 13 to describe the nature and extent of the storage that will be required.

If more than 2 cubic feet of storage is required, contact the CSO to verify storage capacity at the contracting facility. Mark “YES” if the contractor is performing a service only and is not expected to produce a deliverable item. You should enter a statement in Item 13 that explains the services and that provides appropriate security guidance. Some examples are provided below. Classification markings on the material to be furnished will provide the classification guidance necessary for performance of this contract.

Classification markings on the material to be furnished will provide the classification guidance necessary for the performance of this contract. Actual knowledge of, generation, or production of classified information is not required for performance of the contract.

Cleared personnel are required to perform this service because access to classified information can not be precluded by escorting personnel. Any classification guidance needed will be provided by the contractor. Also list the city and country. Item 14 may also be marked “YES” and completed as appropriate depending upon the programs involved.

Because security reviews will have to be conducted by an organization other than the CSO, Item 15 should also be completed as appropriate.

Contract Security Classification Specification – ppt video online download

Mark “YES” if the contractor must impose certain countermeasures directed to protect intelligence indicators. Operations Division, Fort George G. Only certain classified information qualifies for shipment by DCS. Use this item to add any additional performance requirements not covered above. Item 13 should be appropriately annotated to provide any necessary remarks.