Hi there! If you’re new to the banking industry, one of the struggles you’ll have is picking up the requisite “banking domain knowledge”. If you don’t have banking. Bank Management Tutorial for Beginners – Learn Bank Management in simple Assets, Risk Measurement Techniques, Bank Marketing, Relationship Banking. Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) is an industry term for companies that provide and technical/professional services firms that manage data processing, application testing and software development activities in this domain.

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Many non-functional requirements are not fully documented, and testers do not know whether to test it or not. Businesses in this industry focus on assuming all or part of the risk associated with existing insurance policies originally underwritten by direct insurance carriers.

Bank Management Tutorial

It ensures that the software does not have any security flaws. Getting access to production data and replicating it as test data, for testing is challenging. The banking and financial industry is also challenged by the large number of existing legacy systems in its infrastructure. Financial Assets Learn about financial assets and the role the banking industry plays in financial assets market.

BFSI Domain

It will identify the main sectors of the BFSI industry and its business drivers, and review the tutrial aspects of the industry business model, its competitive environment, and the current trends in the industry. To troubleshoot customer issues it should have high auditing capability It should handle complex business workflows Need to support users on multiple platforms Mac, Linux, Unix, Windows It should support users from multiple locations It should support multi-lingual users It should support users on various payment systems VISA, AMEX, MasterCard It should support multiple service sectors Loans, Retail banking etc.

Banking software perform various functions like transferring and depositing fund, balance inquiry, transaction history, withdrawal and so on. These institutions may have other sources of income, but the bread and butter of their business is handling deposits, paying interest on them, and lending money based on those deposits.


BFSI – Wikipedia

Ensure Time budget for Integration Testing is accounted if your banking application has many external interfaces. This testing is done to ensure data integrity, data loading, data migration, stored procedures, and functions validation, rules testing, etc. Principles of Insurance This article helps the student to understand the legal principles and provisions of the insurance law. Retrieved from ” https: The scope and the timelines increases as banking application are integrated with other application like internet or Mobile banking.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Learn about various types of financial assets and their importance in terms of banking industry. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. A standard banking application should meet all these characteristics as mentioned below.

BFSI domain Archives – Analytics Vidhya

Testing banking application assures that these activities are not only executed well but also remain protected from hackers.

Financial Intermediaries — Depository Depository intermediaries receive deposits from customers and use the money to run their businesses. Views Read Edit View history. It ensures that differently able people should be able to use the system as normal user. On the other hand, data security and availability of information updates is critical to the banking and insurance business, mandating high network uptime, rapid fault detection and quick problem resolution.

Learn about various types of depository intermediaries. General insurance typically comprises any insurance that is not determined to be life insurance.

The global BFSI Industry faced serious turmoil during the early 21st century, when a series of crises like the subprime mortgage crisis in the US, and the Great Recession worldwide, that began in Q and ended in Q, gave a huge setback, resulting in negative growth. Monkey Testing is defined as the kind of testing that deals with random Verify admin change password with valid and invalid data.


It should support thousands of concurrent user sessions A banking application should integrate with other numerous applications like trading accounts, Bill pay utility, credit cards, etc. Types of Insurance This article explains the various types of Insurance Policies available in the market today. System Integration Testing is defined as a type of software Read about some recent trends in banking industry.

What is Reinsurance Industry?

Financial Services may include stock-broking, payment gateways, mutual funds etc. This section also tells the learner how Insurance works and what are some of the key elements in insurance sector.

Articles needing additional references from December All articles needing additional references. This tutorial gives a clear idea of what it takes for banking domain testing and how important it is.

Read this article to learn the meaning, features and functions of stock exchanges and understand the importance of stock exchanges and methods of trading on stock exchanges. Understand the dynamics of this sector.

Domain expert are master of the subject, and he may know the inside-out of the product or application. Insurance covers both life living and non-life non-living. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Meaning Definition and Features Stock exchange or securities market is a place where trading in securities takes place.

The firms in this sector, which makes different financial assets and financial liabilities more or less attractive to individual investors and borrowers, offer different services. Read more to know what business is!

The Business Model of Insurance Industry The insurance industry business model can be further categorized into two types of main activities, service domain and support domain.