09/Aug/, CC, 80, 01/Jul/, 25/Oct/, National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse (Consequential Amendments) Act. Recent Cases Bankruptcy Act Year & No: Act No. 33, Purpose: An Act This item may be affected by COMMONWEALTH REDRESS SCHEME FOR . Bankruptcy Act (Cth) – CC – Start date: 26/10/

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Statement by creditor as to amount of debt Enforcement of orders etc Form of notice of objection Review of assessment decisions Duties of an administrator—general Act to bind the Crown Financial affairs of a natural person Eligibility to be trustee of personal insolvency agreement Subdivision E—Disciplinary action by committee.

Right to pay off mortgages Subdivision E—Duties of trustees relating to remuneration and benefits etc.

Acceptance or rejection of declaration Surrender of registration as a debt agreement administrator K References to a member of an eligible superannuation plan Making a debt agreement Declaration and distribution of dividends Parts of dollar to be disregarded in determining majority in value of creditors etc.


Superannuation contributions made to defeat creditors—contributor is a person who later becomes a bankrupt Allowances and expenses in respect of attendance Representation of corporation etc Jurisdiction to make sequestration orders Formal defect not to invalidate proceedings Second or subsequent bankruptcy Warrant for seizure of property connected with the bankrupt. Law of State or Territory may be proclaimed AAT review of decisions Notice of execution of personal insolvency agreement Endnote 5—Uncommenced amendments [none].

Payment to third parties Service of notices etc The details of amendments made up to, bankruptvy not commenced at, the compilation date are underlined in the endnotes.

Terminating a debt agreement by accepting a proposal Subsequent realization of security Entity entitled to claim in bankruptcy Failure of person to attend before the Court etc