Bandit goes out to a strictly limited number (maximum world-wide) of ambitious Bandit will consider publishing your feature in the next available issue. Subscribe Now. BUY CURRENT ISSUE. 1x Current Issue with over 20+ A&R. Bandit A&R Newsletter, East Grinstead. likes · 1 talking about this. Music Industry Opportunities from Labels, Management, Publishers, Media.

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Dave is looking for acts that have the capacity to make a debut album that will blow everyone away like Psychocandy, Marqee Moon, Roxy Music etc. There is never a charge for publishing but administration fees for certain a&rr promotions.

All Of Us To: They are happy to help answer any questions you may have so feel free to contact them.

They are based in New York City. We run hundreds of shows, festival stages and tours every year and have no plans to slow down! They work with professional composers from all over the world to cultivate a constantly expanding library of hand-picked, exclusive music across multiple brands, including a boutique collection. Brand new issue of Bandit out today featuring 21x new requests for demos from labels, mgmt and more.

They take an innovative approach to Intellectual Property and releasing records, concentrat- ing on newslettr and developing new artists.

Get demos to them sign- up https: Rod has room for one more act at the moment and he wants to hook up with bandiy decent Alt Rock outfit.

The information is chosen from week to week to reflect all the types of newsletyer and countries that appear in the newsletter. We understand the needs and budgets of the musician fraternity so streaming media, as standard and modest fees are the basis of the deal.


The focus of these efforts is to provide recipients with information by way of content features about labels, publishers, management and production companies that are in the market to sign new acts, find new songs and license musical recordings. So when it’s your turn to say no to someone, how do you do it in a way which doesn’t burn that bridge and make them hate you?

Adam tells me that their current project is to put bandif a Female Rock band. The newsletter provides a service that is designed to target aspiring acts, producers and songwriter’s work to the appropriate established connection in the entertainment industry, such as: Wakeman is from the Isle of Wight.

Marketing and promotion uses both, the e-mail newsletter and hard copy materials sent via normal post.

Request a feature in Bandit | Bandit Newsletter

They are currently seeking music to license for upcoming releases. Hopefully, before the end of the year Bandit subscribers will have an exclusive worldwide conduit for their music, on CD, direct to the music fans they need to impress and inform. Visit Our CafePress Shop. To submit demos go to… Get demos to them sign- up https: The offer is open to composers and musicians anywhere in the world.

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They take a personable and flexible approach to each contract and ensure that all of their acts are getting what they want from their record deal. Additionally, members can remove their posted details by e-mail at any time.

The Directors have a combined total of more than 35 years experience in running their own businesses, They are currently working with a 23 year old female vocalist and are looking for a new or established band who write original material to work with her as their lead vocal. Copyright These features appear with the express permission of the contacts named No further publication is authorised without prior agreement.


Send music links and details of your social media activity, as well as information about any greater London area gigs or UK festival appearances we can see you perform at, to Send your streaming links to….

Keith’s use of Bandit, along with the efforts of Retrotetheque, his management team, has made all this possible. The advantages of this business model are a more positive relationship with customers and the ability to expand a band’s audience through online peer2peer networks and web-sites without the usual worries about copyright baandit and liability.

Latest expansion is in publishing all kinds of commercial chart songs for release on record by high profile acts.

All these companies told Bandit last month that they were ready to sign new projects and YOU can pitch t You can cancel future payments easily anytime with just an email or do it yourself at our payment sites.

Phat Cat Swinger Releases From: These DVDs are full of action, and music is needed to fuel the excitement. The catalog is also available through MusicNet bandkt Rhapsody. Anderson is from Seattle, has been a long-time member of the Seattle music scene, and already has several popular albums to newsletted credit, “Fire With Fire”, and “Somewhere in Your Heart”.

Send an mp3 via email plus info to…. They have 15 releases a year from a current roster of