voids analysis and stability – flow test. Strength is measured in terms of the ‘ Marshall’s Stability’ of the mix following the specification ASTM D (), which. To design the Asphalt concrete mix using Marshall method. .. Max. Min. Max. Marshall specimens. (ASTM D ). No. of comp. Blows, each end of specimen. (ASTM – D – & MS-2) The original Marshall method is applicable only to hot-mix asphalt paving mixtures containing aggregates with.

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ACPR can perform crack propagation by semi-circular bending test and determination of the indirect tensile strength of bituminous specimens.

The aggregates and filler are mixed together in the desired proportion as per the design requirements and fulfilling the specified gradation. The coarse aggregates, fine aggregates and the filler material should be proportioned and mixed in such a way that final mix after blending has the gradation with in the specified range. zstm

Automatic Marshall Stability Test Machine – Marshall Stability – Utest Material Testing Equipment

The main advantage of this machine is its high flexibility as a general purpose testing system, ensured by its generous marsha,l which allow the placement of an The display also show the travel direction of lower platen. The user can see 9 of the results on the marshhall screen for easy comparision. In the Marshall method each compacted test specimen is subjected to the following tests and analysis in the order listed below: With suitable accessories UTAS Determination of Optimum Bitumen Content: The software continously updates load and displacement until the end of test.


General lab – Ovens and hot plates: Specimen height mm obtained. Follow us YouTube LinkedIn.

The compacted specimen should have a thickness of Each test requires a list of accessories depending on the type of test and on the mxrshall standard. Take the sample as mentioned above, and heated to a temperature of 0 to 0 C. The software accepts specimen diameter and height as an input parameter.

Mixes with high Marshall stability values and very low Flow values are not desirable as the pavements of such mixes may be brittle and are likely to crack under heavy traffic.

The compaction mould assembly and hammer are cleaned and kept pre-heated to a temperature of 0 C to 0 C.

A suitable bar is required to transfer the load from the proving ring adapter to the extension collar while extracting the specimen. Six graphs are plotted with values of bitumen content against the values of: The highest possible Marshall stability values in the mix should be aimed at consistent with the other four requirements mentioned above.

Universal load frames accessories for soil, asphalt, concrete, cement, mortar and rock testings. The required quantity of the mix is taken so as to produce a compacted bituminous mix specimen of thickness The original Marshall method is applicable only to hot-mix asphalt paving mixtures containing aggregates with maximum sizes of 25mm or less.


Automatic Marshall Stability Test Machine

The sharpest slope is shifted 1. The load jack, DC motor and controls are housed in a specially designed base cabinet. Let the bitumen contents corresponding to maximum density be B1, corresponding to maximum stability be B2 and that corresponding to the specified voids content Va 4.

The machine has built-in data acquisition with four channels dedicated to two strain gauge load cells and two potentiometric linear transducers; one of each can be used during the test.

The bitumen is satm to temperature of 0 to 0 C and the required quantity of first trial percentage of bitumen say, 3. Digital thermoregulator and temperature display, internal and external outer case in stainless steel.

All moving parts are protected with safety guard, which stop automatically the compactor when opened and the control panel is fit with an emergency stop red Marshall compression tester A bench mounted compression frame with motor and worm gear housed within the base unit. The loading e1559 produces a movement at the rate of 50mm per minute. It automatically calculates correction factor coming from the standards with respect to specimen thickness.