A general overview of the Ashʿarī creed. For full research visit bismallah. We do not speak with Ta’weel (interpretation) of. Abu Hasan al-Ashari was a Sunni Muslim coming from a Sunni household. . and emphasized the theology and creed that the Messenger of God taught. This is. What are the issues with the Ashari creed and if imaam Ashari (may Allah have mercy on him) rejected his statements pertaining to the creed of Ashari before he .

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A General Overview of the Ashʿarī Creed

Today’s Posts Member List Calendar. Previous 1 2 3 Next. Ashari Creed What’s wrong with it? This is cred question for everyone. I probably have asked this in the past but I’m still confused about this, What exactly is wrong with saying certain attributes of Allah are neither literal nor metaphorical? As-Salamu ‘Alaykum If not all then most of the laypeople are already upon correct aqeedah due to their fitrah.


They wouldn’t buy crazy mambo jambo of Ash’aris.

Therefore, I don’t think any of our scholars recommend laypeople to start reading and understanding issues pertaining tawheed as-samaa was-sifaat in details, unless you’re trying to get higher Islamic education. It is important to understand the basis of aqeedah of Ahlus Sunnah and what it is based on.

I just came across a blog thats all. I wouldn’t read about asharies.

I don’t have the ashwri or a strong foundation to read about them. Maybe in few years time. Originally posted by Bassam Zawadi View Post. The main problem that we have with Asharis is specifically on the topic of Allah’s names and attributes.

Originally posted by Ruwayda Mustafah View Post.

Ashʿari – Wikipedia

adhari Asharies started with a noble goal, which is to use the Kalam of mu’tazilah to proof the Aqudah of Salaf as their common sense concluded things that go against the beliefs of the Salaf this article in Arabic http: I don’t agree with including Al Harith al Muhasibi amongest Asharis, just because he agreed with them in one creer 2 issues, doesn’t make him from them.

I was quoting, it’s not my argument, as I don’t know any of the three: I first had that intent and it takes years.


So i tried understanding their terms like ‘accident’ etc. So instead, i just learnt the true sunnah stances to the concepts we differ in and then i tried to be productive in matters which are in need of muslim intellectual support, like atheism etc. So plz take this advice. I say this because i’ve noticed alot of us muslims are stuck in the medieval times and take pride in our history, to the extent that we feel uncomfortable to live in the present.

So we don’t have much material to support the Muslims who are starting to doubt their creedd, and the non muslims are convinced by the media that we’re really backward. We need to change this through getting good du’aat and uniting to put forward our message to the masses. Originally posted by Qatadah View Post.