ARINC REPORT ()_信息与通信_工程科技_专业资料。GUIDANCE FOR TOOL AND TEST EQUIPMENT (TTE) EQUIVALENCY. ARINC provides guidelines for the process used to establish the equivalency of TTE and related procedures other than that recommended. Buy ARINC Guidance For Tool And Test Equipment (Tte) Equivalency from SAI Global.

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The equivalency process for procured alternate TTE? Flying Secure in Today’s Aviation Environment.

The resulting approach will be more inclusive and generic. Appendix C contains a sub-set of the documents that would be included in an equivalency technical data file for a simple device.

Documents to be produced and date of expected result The name repodt number if already assigned of the proposed ARINC standard to be either newly produced or modified.

The tools are arnc be sent to an approved calibration vendor for calibration. A method to identify the alternate TTE? The dimensions to be checked refer PCRef D are those which have a direct influence on the measurement of the bearing centreline distance or the accuracy of mounting the actuator in the test fixture ie mounting hole diameters. Other organizations, such as airframe manufacturers, avionics vendors, etc. Qualifications for the personnel involved?

If it does, proceed with Section 4.

ARINC REPORT ()_图文_百度文库

Any field that arnic be filled in by the originator may be left blank for subsequent action. The output of this process step is the set of Alternate Tool Requirements. Modify dash 7 base by machining slot 11 x 0. Depending on the category and complexity of the TTE, the data may include but is not limited to the following: Slat Actuator Assembly Rev 27 B.

Perhaps because of the growing popularity of Kindle, or competitors arinc report The Nook, or maybe just because people want choices, reoort is now possible to get arinc report guide Pdf and any kind of Ebook you want downloaded to almost any kind of arinc report Remember me Forgot password? For instance, includes references to a number of procedures and guidelines to determine equivalency between an independent test provider and OEM test specifications defined in the CMM.


Calibration Equipment The equipment required to perform this calibration must be selected to ensure a 4: Attachment 2 provides a checklist to assist in evaluating equivalency program and process attributes.

Do the process documents define: In order to provide access to the cockpit printer from several different avionics sources, a single protocol is needed.

Appendix A contains a complete set of the documents that would be included in an equivalency technical data file for a simple device. As the mounting features of are identical to those of Boeing C the accuracy specifications for these features are as specified by Boeing in Ref B. The process details arinx documented below.

To ensure sufficient calibration history is obtained and to increase confidence in the performance of new tooling before the maximum period is applied, an initial calibration period of 1 year which may be extended to the maximum of 4 years in accordance with AOP The output of this process step is the set of Derived Task and Tool Requirements. The process described in this section should be applied to Category 2, 3 and 4 TTE.

The committee staff reporh track all ongoing projects and prepare annual reports on progress. This is an enhancement to the OEM information and does not affect the process or information contained in the Component Maintenance Manual. Meetings The following table identifies the number of meetings and proposed meeting days needed to produce the documents described above.

Product Focus: Expanding Scope of ARINC 625 Test Equipment

It was established that two separate reprt equivalency processes exist: The title also will change to reflect a wider scope: Work History documented in S. The Testing and Troubleshooting section, Chapter 3. The analysis of the EFICD schematic and the ATE test procedure delivers sufficient information for an equivalent test solution using a locally fabricated adapter box, standard power supplies, digital multimeter reoprt voltage and current measurements and an ARINC reader.


It covers the technical support and data packages TSDPs that avionics reprt equipment manufacturers OEMs should supply to third-party test program set TPS providers as the prerequisite for high-quality test solutions. The answer is that, while print books are great and will never become obsolete, there are definite advantages to the electronic format.

In order to facilitate the continuous product improvement of this ARINC Standard, two items are included in the back of this volume: Reason for Correction State why the correction is necessary. Derived Task and Tool Requirements Section 4. For purposes of this example, the reference documents have not been included. Yes No Evaluation completed by: Appendix B contains a limited portion of the documents that would be included in a complete equivalency technical data file.

Other shareholders include a number of rrport.

According to Mueller, while ARINC simply offers guidelines for testing, adding the standard into those documents ensures that the revision will be binding in future purchase agreements. Inthe working group will define the TSDPs to include test specifications and any additional information needed to implement a test.

Key characteristics of form, fit and function The parameter or value being measured The nominal value aginc the measurement The tolerances and accuracies required for the task Any special considerations rainc are required Currently procurable TTE that meet the required specifications Statement in maintenance documentation to allow equivalent TTE where possible 2.

Drawing is required urgently to allow time to have unit manufactured and checked repoet to next round of C-checks. No specific equivalency documentation is required.