D-Day has ratings and reviews. Matt said: Christmas break, my sophomore year in college, I went to England and France with my brother, my dad. Beevor has established a solid reputation as a chronicler of WWII’s great eastern front battles: Stalingrad and Berlin. In addressing D-Day. “Glorious, horrifying D-Day is a vibrant work of history that honors the sacrifice of tens of thousands of men and women.”—TimeBeevor’s.

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D-Day : Antony Beevor :

One really grasps how difficult the German command structure had become by June and how it was further complicated by the attempt on Hitler’s life in July. By doing so he has overleaped the barrier of hindsight, getting us as near as possible to experiencing what it was like to be there, that fateful summer, 65 years ago.

As the author points out the total air dominance natony the Allies was probably their supreme advantage through-out the long Normandy campaign. But from my current perspective, his book was a little dry and it never managed to spin the facts ady a hte with arc and momentum like the really good histories do.

Beevor draws upon his research in more than thirty archives in six countries, going back to original accounts and interviews conducted by combat historians just after the action. Caught in the crossfire between the biggest amphibious assault in history and fierce German resistance, even bombarded by their own Free French Navy, the people of Normandy paid heavily for their liberation.

Maybe it was a combination of the amazing context and the quality of the book, but Stalingrad absolutely blew me away. Moving from the initial normandu about adverse weather forecasts, to surveillance of the assault beaches, to individual accounts of each beach, antojy the breakout for Paris, the acti I recently read and really enjoyed ‘ D DAY Through German Eyes – The Hidden Story of June 6th ‘ and that made me want to read more about D Day. His books have sold nearly four million copies.

Beevor has the gift of melding the general story with minute personal details, some humorous, some deeply moving. I read one of Anthony Beevor’s other books Stalingrad while I was bicycling and traveling by train across Turkey.


Now I know a lot more. But fof, it was painstakingly and meticulously researched dqy put together with brilliant setting and writing as per usual. The exceptional quality of the writing made me want to read every word and this, coupled with a frequent need to refer to the maps to understand who was doing what when to who explains the length of time I spent on this book. With no landings, the Russians could have made it across Western Europe, and then what? Accruing greater detail, he has made use of overlooked and new material from more than 30 archives in half a dozen countries.

For that reason, if you are going to read just one book on D-Day, this is probably it. Many planes were flying too low, and those paratroopers who had landed successfully witnessed the sickening sound of bodies hitting the ground around them, which they compared to “watermelons falling off the back of a truck”. Aug 11, Jay Waghray rated it it was amazing. But although many other characters are equally well portrayed, from Churchill himself to US generals Bradley – with his specs and “hayseed expression” – and Patton, famous for his profanity, to Montgomery with his terseness and conceit, and De Gaulle with his arrogance and his long arms, it is the personal narratives of ordinary servicemen that drive this book.

Though the subject is well-trod, Beevor attempts to present different viewpoints than those already published. But, as the author says, if the landings had foundered, perhaps been delayed and then run into the major storm that hit in Mid June, what would have happened? View all 7 comments. Many of the assault troops knew this was to be their fate, not least because their officers kept telling them so.

Account Options Sign in. Beevor does a very good job. He focuses not just on the armies but on the French civilians caught in the battle. Apr 20, Sally Dark rated beevot it was amazing. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

D-Day: The Battle for Normandy – Antony Beevor – Google Books

May 24, David rated it it was amazing. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. While the book is a amtony history, Beevor keeps intersting for none miltary historians by including touching little stories and details like the hairstyle of American troops. It is a practice that actually does more to showcase the acts of heroism where they occur than does the older style of simply glossing over the unsavory stuff.


Beevor accords the French more space in his telling of the tale. A good book to go to for a detailed account of D-Day and follow-up stages, with a fair balance between the perspective of generals and soldiers.

This is the same approach Beevor took in his justly acclaimed Stalingrad, Berlin: In terms of blood, it really began. Bearing the Cross of Lorraine. No trivia or quizzes yet. Beevor objectively recounts the action from multiple perspectivesAmerican, British GBand German. And the wealth of information from the German perspective was also wonderful. Perhaps the only difference would be in combat fatigue. Units on a map are not necessarily a full strength well supplied unit in the field, but that is hard to see from OKW.

D-Day: The Battle for Normandy by Antony Beevor: review

I drop a star because I felt he laid it on a little heavy about Montgomery’s personality defects, like there were no others with similar issues that rise to that level of command. Refresh and try again. Feb 09, Morgan Blackledge rated it really liked it.

See all reviews. Then you had the leaders of the factions within the resistance — the nationalists, the communists, the marginal groups — arguing with each other. It was a beautiful place and the bluffs overlooking Omaha Beach were stunningly dramatic. This book tells us how successful that deception was, even after D-Day itself. Beevor is one of the few modern writers of WW2 history that can take a subject that is to me old and shelf-worn and make it fresh and exciting again.

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That Montgomery won, despite the various setbacks, is a mark of how good a general he was. The Paris Uprising and the Race for the Seine.