Amen: The Autobiography of a Nun [Sister Jesme] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On 31 August , Sister Jesme left the. The only difference between her and us is that she is a nun. Amen autobiography of Sister Jesme is a thrilling read. Sex, money and power. Amen- An autobiography of a Nun is a book written by a nun from Kerala and this book contain the sexual exploitation that Sister Jesme and.

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She remains conservative and a supporter of the church, but has left the convent. Please Email the Editor. Audible Download Audio Books.

Autobiograph book gives the author a chance to talk about her side of the story and while doing so, she has shown that for all the vows and the prayers and the respect society heaps on them, many priests and nuns are just like most normal people. Searing, sincere and sensitive, Amen is a plea for a reformation of the church and comes at a time of its growing concern about nuns and priests. But becomes slightly tiring for nn reader to go through passages that repeatedly reaffirm the author’s faith in her religion and God.

I hope there will be a change for better. Not many have the courage to take on the establishment and very few have the articulation to convey an experience as traumatic as the one described, so graphically. Only that the fire runs out of the fuse itself and the book turns out to be a damp squib. She too gets angry when met with injustice at her place of work.

Sister Jesme – Wikipedia

Appointments with various doctors were being fixed. They too have greed for money, urge for power and lust for bodily pleasures. On 31 Augustsister Jesme left the congregation of Mother of Carmel.


Mary’s Col Revelations about sexual misconduct within the Catholic Church are no longer news. Jesme or maybe she’s back to Memy now, paints herself as the goodiest of goody two shoes that ever walked the earth.

Honestly it was boring. So this tell-all memoir by a former nun did not have the impact it should have produced upon me, had I read it when it was published in See all 18 reviews. Also, the instances of homosexuality within the nunnery seem to be disturbingly akin to the sexual power play mentioned by Desmond Morris among zoo animals. Book Review — Amen: To ask other readers questions about Amenplease sign up.

Mindgames ,sexual liaisons,petty jealousies, rampant sexism, racism and hate are all part of church establishment. Sister Jesme was very outspoken on various issues such as donations among others which led to some of the senior sisters turning against her. However, one has to give the credit to Sr Jesme for not only openly speaking about it but also for showing the courage to write an autobiography. Overall it is an average book Aug 12, Jakob Christensen rated it did not like it.

The book comes across as honest but slips into research mode at times. She also tells us that corruption is very common in schools and colleges run by the church. Like you and me she too works and faces office politics. The ingenuineness of this review appears doubtful.

Not very interesting from the literary point of view. The book must be read for many reasons.

Not all is bad about the life of a nun. Retrieved from ” https: They perceived her as a threat. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. It is an amazing book with amazing revelations. Books are not only written to educate, they are written for leisure and even for the metamorphosis of the soul.


Comment on this review. Actions that bring disrepute to him, shouldn’t be generalized to to others having something in common with them. She seems like a nice lady, but she should never be allowed to write a book ever again. Though, a sensitive piece of writing, at times, Sr Jesme seems to be a little too sensitive about things. Most suffer from “Delusions of grandeur’ due to undeserving respect they get from poor ignorant religous folks.

She portrayed it as a plot to get sistsr out of power, but I wish I could see the other side and find out what exactly they were accusing her of.

There is no flow to the language.

Amen: The autobiography of a nun

Amen has its moments no doubt especially where sr Jesme talks about the movies and documentries. Always been sceptical of the Church and the life it forces its sisterr to live, but reading this was still disturbing – to know how petty, and small-minded and un-interested in God the Church can be. In march issue, X, no. Feb ajtobiography, Sumit Ranjan rated it it was ok. While this is quite possible, her flowery words and delirious outpourings concerning Jesus does make one suspect a hint of sexual frustration somewhere in her psyche: