Toni Greis – Alraune- Western erotic froup horny adult porn comics easy read gallery. Written by Rochus Hahn Robi. Inks by Toni Greis. Edited by Kim Thompson. Printed by Eros Comix. What is it like to be possessed? The entire. Alraune last edited by Cloudguy on 09/30/18 AM View full history. English translation of the German comic, Alraune. Expand full wiki summary.

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This is a series, starting off with Aldaune one, and slowly making its way to chapter six, and it is all about the tricky situations that she gets into with just about everyone. But if your thing is adult comics then this is a series that goes beyond the normal adult comic book with an interesting story line that is premised on a real fairy tale.

Toni Greis – Alraune ,Western Adult | Porn Comics

She has to decide what she is going to do, who to give her virginity to, and how to deal with the entire idea that she is a slave to her passions. Comics infobox without image Character pop All stub articles. You must log in to post a comment. Sometime later, Moon Knight appeared to Marlene under the alias of Jake Lockley where the two of them became romantically involved that resulted in them having a child.


Written by Rochus Hahn Robi. While Comics Forge does not often review adult comic books, this really ended up being a neat series published by Eros Comics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Alraune by Eros Comics

Because being independent matters Do you want to sponsor this site? That sets this apart, and makes it all the more interesting to try to get your hands on. Enrolling in a university to study work, Marlene moved in with her husband Eric Fontaine who is now in a wheelchair. Doug Moench Don Perlin.

Alraune – Nxt Porn Comics

She graduated from the university and became a researcher at Seaview Research Hospital. What is it like to be possessed?

Comc began to fall in love with Marc Spector who used the alias of financier Steven Grant and cab driver Jake Lockley.

That is where the story gets interesting, how do you live your life devoid of love when your hormones burn in your blood? Marlene is the daughter of archaeologist Dr. As a result, Marlene moves out of their Long Island apartment.

The Eros comic edition kind of covers the issue as a back story, but in reality it is all about the interesting situations that the character Alraune gets involved with throughout the series. Similar posts Captain Marvel, Vol.

After a while, both of them went their separate ways comoc Marc Spector’s lifestyle was starting to endanger Marlene. The entire Alraune series is based on an early series of stories that starts in the Middle Ages, and then takes us to today, with Dinah, and her comi trying to figure out how to manage the ideas of overt sexuality.


She is his confidante, girlfriend, and ally of Moon Knight. Marvel Spotlight 28 June She is first seen in the Sudan with her father when he is killed by the mercenary Raoul Bushman. Spector miraculously revives and he and Marlene return to the United States where he became the crimefighter Moon Knight. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Marlene has the strength and agility of a normal aoraune While we often get fairy tales remixed like the entire Grimm Fairy Tales series by Zenescope, we often do not see that in adult comics.

Moon Knight’s other personalities are unaware of this until Bushman and Sun King attacked Marlene’s house where the truth was revealed to them. Rating this 4 of 5 stars, it is worth picking up, but I have only seen this online, and the prices range north of 10 dollars a copy, making this an awesome, but very expensive comid to pick up.

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