Above: the Akai MG integrated track recorder/mixer; http://en. Akai MPX +. Akai MPX MPX , Analog Mixer from Akai. Write a user review · Find it in the classifieds starting at $ avg used price: $ Warning. MPX MASTER. KEYBOARD. MX AKAI–Looking Toward the Future. At AKAl we are always looking ahead toward the next step in the constant evolution .

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Bygertie Fri Jun 10, 7: It seemed like back in the early ’80s it would have been a good time to have a MIDI 2.

Ultimate Home Recording Machines of the 80’s | Preservation Sound

I got one recently as part of a killer deal but it needs a new internal power supply It can be found at: That Tapeop article you linked to was me! I was told by the Akai rep that the original aka was to have the MG work with a Betamax video tape cassette, which was affordable and easily available. And at reasonable rates.

Years later, my college band The Cam Neely was invited to Boston to work with some Berklee students who needed to record some bands for… I have no idea frankly. I just kept building the things I needed and wanted!


I am willing to pay: Bypmboos Sat May 27, Hollin Jones More articles by this author. They also developed the akaai transport for this.

Bygertie Sun Jun 12, 7: I started another audio company insold it and was able to play music freely for about three years off the proceeds. Volume and presets changes can be made remotely via a pedal and foot switch respectively.

Discussion Want to join the discussion? The MG was based around this transport, which already existed, the tape shells were loaded with audio tape. Just supply the tapes!

The Marketplace for Musicians |

Zeta was purchased by Gibson guitars. Being in the Bay ,px820 there are so many people who have both technical and musical skills and I hired some great people, and that just continued to grow.

I am currently looking for an Akai MG to play some old recordings. The mic inputs have a switchable mic pad 0, I still have and use my Peavey AMR! If you can remember the name of the company let us know.

That looks really interesting—the multi-functional nature of it and the fact that it operates without a computer. If the damn machine had used Betamax tapes I could have sold dozens.


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Nice and solid machines! I was able top produce accurate MIDI output from each of the instruments: Do you have any predictions about the wider music technology world? ByMenco Sat Jun 11, Drop us a line….

The MG could have been a contender, except mpx802 one huge sticking point — it used a proprietary tape cartridge, available only through Akai and rather expensive. Some dude has a wordpress site solely devoted to this thingand goddamn I want one of these! At University I studied acoustics and that gave me a very solid background in the physics of audio, as well akaii engineering and performing skills.

I was VP and chief scientist for about five years and did some work with Harmon, all the while continuing my experiments with networked musicians.