than that of Jati Sanchi, so Jati Sanchi is preferred for commercial cultivation ( Saikia and Agar oil and agaru or agarwood are the most exalted perfumery raw . Resource: Even as it is commercially viable, plantation of Agarwood (acquilaria agallocha), which began in s in Panbang, Zhemgang has. AGAR PLANTATION About Us The importance of agar wood for many uses has long been recognized. Agar wood is also considered the world’s most valuable.

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Faith healers in the Middle East use it at curative ceremonies, Japanese pilgrims donate flowers and agarwood oil to Shinto-Buddhist temples, and Vietnamese religious groups are obliged to bring agarwood to ceremonies at their temples in Mekong Delta communities. Bhutan had around 23, Agarwood trees as of2, were found in private lands across southern Bhutan such as Panbang and Samdrupjongkhar.

Adulteration can and does happen on many levels. In about coconut farms, about agarwood trees per acre are planted in single or double row system.

Toggle Sliding Bar Area. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It is one of the most agarwood woods in the world.

Planting method

I believe agarwood is not exactly a tree but a kind of specific spices that is favoured by a specific wood-boring mould microscopic insect which feeds on its pith to secrete the agar or aghori.

Plantations International Related posts: Known also as Oud oil, agarwood is one of the most precious, rare and certainly most expensive essential oils in existence today. Agarwood is grown in mono-crop and inter-crop systems along with companion commercial crops. Next LPG shortage irks Paro residents. Different types of fungi have been suggested including: This site uses cookies. People who live surrounding the forests are the ones who are affected directly from the rapid depletion of agar wood because their livelihood depends on the forest.


In addition, these products do not come close in emulating the natural product and thus do not pose a threat to producing non-synthetic agarwood products. Thanks much for your help and information!

Typically, the longer the distillation time the higher the grade. In India and Cambodia, it is used for traditional and religious ceremony. There are many grades of Agarwood oil. November 1, at 7: The third zone is in the slightly lower elevation, and also intermixed with irrigated crops. Class X cut-off point stays December 29, Deep planting will rot the stem in long run. Over dosage may damage the seedling.

Notify me of new comments via email. You are commenting using your Twitter account. On the distillation level—the cultivstion can include the hydrosol with the essential oil or lie about the length culttivation distillation.

Planting method | Gaharu 沉香 Agarwood

A number of others are also known, such as Aquilaria grandfolia, Aquilaria chinesis etc. You can simply enjoy a cup of hot tea before bedtime and know that it is good for your body.

Agar wood also contains anti-oxidative properties that help to prevent the aging process. The major chemical components responsible for the characteristic scent of agarwood products, carbon chain compounds cultivtion sesquiterterpenes, can in principle be synthesized. Mixing the mixture to small particle possible. Chamfer the circumference of planting hole to improve water catchment 9.


Norbu Gyeltshen attributed lack of interest among farmers to technical and expertise constraints. Like some of other herbal infusions, Agar wood fultivation contains zero caffeine, zero simple sugar or other addictive properties. Advantage of TSP and DAP are both highly soluble and thus dissolves quickly in soil to release plant-available phosphate.

This is expected to produce very inferior agar oil.

Vanadurgi Agarwood India LTD. | Plantations

Generally Coco peat can absorb water about half of its volume and 5 to 6 times its weight. It needs to be brewed in really, really hot water to release all of its agarwokd and goodness. Agar wood has long been appreciated for its multipurpose uses, range atarwood incense for religious and traditional ceremonies, perfume, medicine and ornamental functions in many countries. Planting hole preparation 40cm x 40cm x40cm.

Agar wood leaves when brewed in boil water; it will release a tangy and bitter taste and has a strong astringency.

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What is Agarwood

Previous Cardamom farming goes viral in Dophuchen. Hi there Sir, will Agarwood grow well in Philippines?. The occurrence of this-so-called the wood of the gods has been strongly surrounded by myths and history.

March 17, at Development of synthetic agarwood substitutes usually arises when sustainable supplies of the natural product are not available. AgarwoodPlantations International Tags: