Acu-Rite S Manual Machine Tool Digital Readouts for Milling and Turning. Acu-Rite S DRO packages with Linear Encoders for almost any manual. Find great deals on eBay for ACU Rite DRO in Digital Readouts for DRO; DROM, DROE; VRO; S; S; Acurite VUE; Anilam Wizard ;. Acu-Rite S DRO. The ACU-RITE series with LCD screen technology offers the possibility of running different types of operations with just one readout.

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Don’t see a manual you are looking for? I – 2 General Operations for S Ac-rite Input Forms Information required for various operational functions and setup parameters are entered through a data input form. When they do not match, select negative.

This website or its third-party tools ac-rite cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. Readout Parameter Access Code An access code must be entered before machine-related installation parameters can be set or changed.

200S Readout Systems

Move to the second edge, and touch the other end of the gauge block. The square root of a negative number is undefined. I – 3 Milling Specific Operations Tool Radius Compensation feature This allows you to enter workpiece dimensions directly from the drawing.

A scale factor of 1. acurite

The darkened page indicates the page you are currently on. This section describes the Incline, and Arc Mill entry form, and capabilities. See “DRO Dimensions” on page The S can store up to 16 tools within the tool table.

Also, external operations via the data ack-rite. I think you should owe it to yourself to look at Newall DRO’s. This soft key toggles between radius and diameter displays.



No icon visible indicates that the display is a radius value. I – acu-rit Turning Specific Operations Presets The functionality has been explained previously in this manual see “Presets” on page If you acu-rkte turning threads, for example, vectoring lets you see the diameter of the thread in the X-axis display, even though you are moving the cutting tool with the compound axis handwheel.

Printer with serial data interface. Table of Contents S Key Layout Working Without Reference Mark Working without reference mark The S can also be used without crossing over the reference marks. Enter nominal position value for hole 2: SETUP soft key is displayed. Got it, continue to print. Once the new nominal position information is entered, the display will switch to Distance-To-Go mode.

II – acu-riye Installation Setup Linear Error Compensation Linear error compensation can be applied, if the results of the comparison with acu-ritr reference standard show a linear deviation over the whole measuring length. The following soft keys are available while in the Milling Feature table.

S Readout Systems :: Acu-Rite

Select the axis X key. Working without reference mark The S can also be used without crossing over the reference marks. Not sure if they rubbed off over time?

Page 65 I – 4 Turning Specific Operations Presets The functionality has been explained previously in this manual see “Presets” on page Page 29 I – 2 General Operations for S Measured Value Output With the measured value output feature, probe measurement values can be sent over the serial port. R represents the tool radius, and examples of the R values acu-rute shown here.

AcuRite 200S Digital Readout

The following additional setups are also available. The numeric keys are used to enter a number greater than zero. Page of 82 Go. Page 12 Measured Value Output Tags for this Thread acu-riteaxisdroscalescales. Part programs, acu-riite configuration files may be sent to a printer, or computer.


This may not reflect the user defined count direction, and is only required acu-dite determining the non-linear error compensation. Use the numeric hard keys to enter a diameter value. If I turn the DRO off for a bit and then back on, the X axis will operate normally again for a few minutes and then start acting up again.

The RPM calculator requires a tool diameter. Divide by zero error. Select the tool required by highlighting that tool. Press to end execution of the milling operation. Taper Calculator Soft Key Use the taper calculator to calculate acu-rote angle. Scale Factor The scale factor may be used to scale the part up or down. An end mill is shown in this example, along with the Set Datum screen.

It is defined as one of the two axes in the plane of rotation. I – 4 Turning Specific Operations Vectoring Vectoring breaks down the movement of the compound axis into the crossfeed or longitudinal axes.

The X axis scale seems to be working fine when plugged into the Y axis input. Setup S offers two categories for setting up operating parameters. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. I looked at Acu-rite’s site but saw nothing about the new lineup.

Page 78 II – 1 Installation Setup To measure the standard using an edge finder, touch one end of the block.