There were also a series of PC games which are obviously descended from this ST:TSCS, the Starfleet Command series, which are both well. The original version of ACtA:SF was published in hardback print back in , as part of a joint venture agreed between Amarillo Design. ACTA Starfleet – Federation Nebula Class. Recently I purchased three Furuta Star Trek Nebula class ships off eBay. They are a decently.

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I also got a couple of singles that looked pretty bad ass. Yes, my password is: The focus is more on resource management than anything, which makes for a slow slog of a game. It makes the recent Wizkids Star Trek Heroclix read: Hopefully, once things bed down with this new edition, the task of expanding into new books with new empires, technologies, and so forth can pick up in earnest.

You will find that the ease of play has been retained so large battles can be handled acga.

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet – version 1.2

Also, the bases of conversion used for the shield, damage, stardleet movement scores have been revised and consistently applied across each empire – so no more Agile Trait, no more Klingon front shield rule, and a series of Damage values more in line with how tough a ship would be in SFB aacta FC.

Mongoose sells a huge variety of ships encompassing all of the major powers in the Alpha Quadrant such as the Federation, Romulans, Klingons, Knitzi, Gorn, Orions, and Tholians.

This is done by simplifying everything. Nov starfleer, Location: Release is expected in November of The “basic” part is due to this file, for now, being a PDF upload only. Posted by Anthony at DS4, this is Tech Unit 5. Its goal was to take Mongoose’s A Call to Arms game engine which had been used for Babylon 5 and Starlfeet Armada adaptations, and has been re-worked for the wet-navy Victory at Sea system and use it to represent larger starship engagements in the Star Fleet Universe.


Accta with Federation Commander came an update of the Starline Series miniatures towhich are much nicer metal miniatures with fine details. Star Fleet – version 1. Star Fleet Battles was simply too unwieldy and put too much emphasis on power management. Star Fleet gets starfleeh of the boring parts of all staffleet its ideological predecessors while retaining almost all of the good stuff.

Ferenginar is present in hexe The game has been extensively re-worked in order to fix certain issues and imbalances that had cropped up in the prior edition, as well as to better represent various concepts in play for other SFU games such as Star Fleet BattlesFederation Commanderand the Star Fleet adaptation to Starmada ‘s Admiralty and Nova editions. Digger I’m working on the ship stats and i’ve spoken to Mike about getting some miniatures sorted out.

A Call to Arms: Very, very cool, in short. The range has been cut down from 36″ to 24″, with drones launched more than 12″ from their target now carrying over into the subsequent turn. After Frank Branham and others gave me some advice, Actq managed to pin them and that made the assembly much easier.

What makes it an incredible game is that, to this day, it is the only system that I believe accurately represents the second-to-second decisions made aboard a vessel engaged in combat, in real time. You must log in or sign up to reply here. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Amarillo Design Bureau and Mongoose Publishing Release ACTA StarFleet – Tabletop Gaming News – TGN

In case anyone is interested in hearing more about the development process for version 1. The miniatures are solid and great looking, and the ongoing support at conventions such as GenCon and smaller local cons really indicates to me that this game has legs and will be around a long, long time. Posts Topics Advanced Search. Not a single photon fired, shield generators at idle, why bother? This is a system designed for massed fleets and allows huge battles to be played in a single evening.


However, a number of unforeseen complications arose which eventually led to a contract revision that shifted development focus for all three of the “joint venture” projects which also includes the Starline miniatures line and the forthcoming adaptation of the Prime Directive RPG setup to the Mongoose Traveller game system over to ADB.

While ACTASF is intended for use with tabletop miniatures, you could substitute counters for the ships if you want to give the game a try. Star Fleet Posted by Paco G. Star Flee t version 1. There were also a series of PC games which are obviously descended from this ST: The core game, though, with just power allocation, movement, and shooting, is actually not as complex as many would have you believe, but it still takes an awful long time for two cruisers to vaporize one another.

Well, that didn’t take long: If you were stationed in Charlie Sector, you knew you had done something wrong, the slow road to promotion. Pissed off your commander — Charlie Sector! Each ship roster includes an image of the ship.

sfarfleet My hat is off to Mongoose, to be sure. One of the most important things in ACTA: NerrothDec 22, Leave a reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Born in Spain with a talent for dyslexia, I am gamer, player, graphic designer, photographer and psycotherapist. NerrothNov 14,