I can’t say I’ve ever understood why before but with the Accuphase I think I Into specs, the E generates wpc into 8 and wpc into 4. Specifications. Power output: watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo). Frequency response: 3Hz to kHz. Total harmonic distortion: %. Damping factor: Find great deals for Accuphase E w/ch Integrated Stereo Amplifier Japan Audio. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Sink your teeth into that tart apple!

Accuphase E-460 Manual

Did you see the pictures of the E on the Dutch distributor website? Make a good offer Accuphase E integrated amplifier – Audio Pharaoh The E uses the same fuse?

About us Philosophy Sales personnel. The sound came from an intrepid trombone player who was practicing his deep glissandos from inside one of the wooden practice sheds with room acculhase just one musician and a music standthat are scattered about the grounds of the TMC.

If you’re after tubes, post over here. Last edited by nvp; at I am only interested in UK or US reviews and none are available. Even more impressive was how at lowest volume, the E preserved the physical presence, size and inner dynamics of instruments and vocals.

Accuphase E w/ch Integrated Stereo Amplifier Japan Audio | eBay

Check the Hi-Fi Aaccuphase fuses, they’re supposed to be better than the Furutech at more cost of course. I love the sound of Accuphase, the build quality and of course the lifetime service aaccuphase this company. About two weeks ago I have ordered an E integrated amplifier and since last week I have the E at home.


No point in having a distributor. I also expect an increase in prices due to the surging Yen.

This particular recording provides a very deep and wide soundstage canvas upon which Bona paints his vibrant creations. If you would like to ask a question, participate in a discussion and view attachments please Register yourself.

Accuphase E-460 180w/ch Integrated Stereo Amplifier 2010 Japan Audio

This is a steal and if it don’t sell here it will be either sold to ten European market or to a dealer. This is flagship model in the Class AB range. The speakers are not seeing much use as I have a lack of space. Accupgase E just sold on the forum for 3. It might suit your sound taste.

Try changing the fuse on the first. Find all posts by Sultankat. Others E E E E How much is the E in the UK and where can it be auditioned?

Later, when the E and E models have been released I have also listen them, and again I did not think it was worthwhile to pay almost double for the newer models. But the integrated should be at the same price point as the Boulder and the Simaudio So will sell for e460 lower price. The E maintained a wonderful focus and fidelity to all this complex drama, with everything from the tap of the tambourine shiny and bright to the deep plunge of synth tones bursting with explosive power and rich tonal density.


Accuphase E Integrated Stereo Amplifier. Of course, it makes a different sound, if the materials used in the Fuse are different from the original. E or E owners?

Used Accuphase E Integrated amplifiers for Sale |

accuphaxe The E set this recorded performance on wing; light and zestful, while maintaining all its complex sonorities, inner voices and corporeal textures. Hello and Welcome to HiFiVision. Accuphase E integrated amplifier, posted on August 8, at The reason for selling: Going to buy an integrated and would love to hear your opinions on the AB amps.

Open to reasonable offers!

Any owners of the class AB integrated amps from Accuphase? E, E, E and E The condition is minty but for the sake of it being 2 years old Id say 9. Amsterdam, The Netherlands Posts: Disbeliever How much is the E in the UK and where can it be auditioned? Looking for a new Amp or Preamp? When you order an Accuphase product Paul Hattink personally brings the equipment to accuphse Accuphase dealer.

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