A Perfect Proposal – Katie Fforde. Sophie Apperly is young, attractive, practical, domestic & totally unappreciated by her academic family. Following on from the recent Katie Fforde thead, I have just finished reading my free copy of her new book ‘A Perfect Proposal’. (Thanks Charlotte!). Fforde’s latest is a rambling, bighearted novel in which a young Londoner becomes entangled with a wealthy American family.

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While it may be somewhat predictable, it is still a heartwarming, fun read. However, do not worry!

Open Preview See a Problem? Sophie Apperly has to get away from her family. He wasn’t terrible but the bar was set very low!

In most of her novels, this is my biggest frustration. What I found made this book different from the previous books which Katie Fforde has wrote is that percect of the book is based in New York where as all propoosal the books I fforrde read of hers have all been based in the country all the way through.

Jan 22, Rosemary Morris rated it it was amazing. Fforde, by refusing to buckle to this outmoded convention, both transcends and transforms the form she is working with. Sweet, daffy Sophie stays that way throughout the novel. They meet again but someone tries to break them up. Personally I think it’s a little tacky, but that’s just me. I found it creepy.

In this delicious romantic comedy, a young Englishwoman gets an unexpected proposal from a dashing American, but it’s not what you think Sophie Apperly’s frustratingly dismissive family has never taken her seriously, but they do take advantage of her.

From the beginning of this book you instantly warm to her character. You know how in some books they just drop everything in your lap from page one, here is everything and everyone, wham, girl, guy, situation, lots of propsal till they are together, the end, or till they go at it, lroposal comes first.


The story moves along at a good pace and, although a lot happens, it never feels confusing or farfetched. Luke had to grow on me, but by the end I liked him too.

There was a point where I actually checked the publication date because the way all of the characters talked was stilted and almost unintentionally old fashionedbehavior constantly put upon but it’s ok because I don’t mind and lack of confidence although she is very young off putting.

So when an old friend offers her the chance of a lifetime, she decides to swap Little England for the Big Apple, and heads off to the land of opportunity. Katie Fforde also keeps the reader guessing right up to the very last pages about how things might turn out and she is very good at ensuring that there are no loose ends.

But the part after Sophie and Luke become romantically prpoosal, and the subsequent misunderstanding did not add much to the story except to make them seem impulsive and rather stupid. Whatever it is, The Perfect Proposal, for me, fell sort of flat. We learn about her quirky dreams about customizing vintage and thrift clothing.

Sophie’s self-esteem gets a boost when handsome and sweet after a bit Luke, seems to take a fancy to her, but when his corporate assistant, Ali, shows up, it’s clear he thought of Sophie as just a distraction away from his REAL girlfriend. I am a Fforde q. Thinly crafted plot devices tear them apart before the same reunite them.

Katie usually writes such wonderful men, but this one was way off the mark for me.

A Perfect Proposal: A Novel: Katie Fforde: : Books

Yet what I really want to know is what is up with this trope of Chick Lit and holidays? Recently her old hobbies of ironing and housework have given way to singing, Flamenco dancing and husky racing. Look too deeply, peer oatie too many curtains and you will ruin the magic. The proposal was not perfect-it was abrupt and should have been more “Oh golly!!


And I certainly kid you not when I say that this is one heck of an impossible novel. Newer Post Older Post Home. At an art opening, Sophie rescues a society matron about to faint.

Around the same time Sophie is with her uncle, she had an opportunity to stay in NYC as a nanny.


The new link is here. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. Except worse, because this plot. When her friend, Milly, prfect her to New York for a holiday, Sophie decides to go.

And so the Festivals of Light are Come. I cannot believe this book got published. However as Sophie became more and more involved with this American, I began to tire of “you’re English so you must prefer it this way I’m not a fan of stories driven by unnecessary misunderstandings and I find them frustrating to read.

Also, you might think that you are going to be reading about romantic gestures and wedding preparations but the proposal in question is actually something quite different.

It’s a book that could have soared but crashed to the ground in a blundering mess.

Return to Book Page. I am too old for this book. She is also unemployed, underappreciated, and soft hearted, which leads to her letting the family send her off to take care of Evil Uncle Eric while his regular caregiver goes on holiday.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Yet Matilda has a little mission for Sophie when she gets back to England — to find a house she used to love as a child.

The whole thing could have been resolved if she’d crawled out of the bushes and been like ‘ha! More about the book…. Rich Boy has no depth outside of the usual cliches.